Cooking classes, Valentines day cupcakes and a Foodies weekend

Gosh its just a few days to Valentines day this year. Last year I spent ages trying out lots of dishes and you can find them under the Valentines day heading above.

We have had a really nice foodie weekend. Friday night was a real treat. Its Hana’s birthday at the end of the month and the present she asked for was for us to go to a class at L’atelier des chef. It is a cookery school in London with a couple of venues, our class was at the St Paul’s location. Now some people might be thinking, wait you got your girl friend a cooking class for her birthday? Ouch! I’m not a terrible boyfriend and it wasn’t a comment on her cooking. Hana thought it would be a fun night out where we could pick up some new tips and tricks. Our class was also about pairing wine with food, which was really interesting. We picked up some tips on how to chose your wine for each course. With deserts your wine should be sweeter than the desert is. And when choosing a main course wine you should pick complex wines with simple dishes and vice versa.

Duck breast with Asian greens

Duck breast with Asian greens

Our evening lasted longer than advertised. We had great instruction on how to prepare each ingredient for each course and worked together in tables when it came to the cooking, all under the watchful eye of our chef. The menu was Asian themed with Thai muscles, Barbary Duck with Asian greens and a Mango Tart Tatin. It was a really lovely evening and I think we both really enjoyed it, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun Friday night out.

Mango Tart Tatin

Mango Tart Tatin

Hana and a Tart Tatin

Hana and a Tart Tatin


The second part of our foodie weekend was after seeing the newly released Les Miserables movie. it was wonderful and enthralling. I am nit one to gush over musicals, but the oiwer if it was imense and it really is a must see film. Though the film ended quite late the restaurants at Westfield in Shepherds bush were still open so Hana treated us to a lovely Thai meal at EatThai, which was crazy hot.




We finished the foodie weekend in a Valentines day high. This year time seems to have sped by and I haven’t really had the time to think about delicious and yummy Valentines day recipes, so this year it looks like it might have just be a nice night out! However, Hana has been busy in the kitchen this afternoon baking up some yummy cupcakes as an early Valentines day treat. She picked a really yummy recipe from the Humming bird bakery cook book which is one of my favourite bits of food porn. Its great to sit down with a cup of coffee and read through (by reading I mean drooling over the pictures). The cupcakes were a lovely treat to finish of a lovely foodies weekend.

Valentines day cupcakes

Valentines day cupcakes


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