Sometimes eating out is better

The time I spend in the kitchen is some of the happiest I have. When it’s been a long day or I have been rushing around without a moment to think, there is nothing better than getting into the kitchen, opening up the fridge and cupboards finding a few choice ingredients and whipping up a tasty dinner. Then at the weekend what could be better than relaxing with some leisurely baking or cooking up a feast of a Sunday Roast.

But looking back on 2013 so far it seems we have been spending as much time eating out as at home (okay that might be an exaggeration from one who is prone to do so) so I thought it was time to share some of the great places we have been out to lunch and dinner so far in 2013. There has been a lot to celebrate with my freelance work going well, the end of my internship (It was a great experience) as well as the festivities February usually brings us with Hana’s birthday, Valentines day and our half anniversary.  So it seems we have been out quite a bit.

If we go way back to the early part of February we went out to the cinema to see Les Misérables, really good film. We went to a relativly early show but at about 3 hours long with the trailers when we got out it was about 11pm. Thankfully the restaurants at Westfield White City are open quite late so we went out for a lovely Thai at Busaba Eathai which is a chain of Thain restaurants in London. Having been to Thailand many years ago I was impressed with the food, it tasted really authentic with that great combination of hot, sweet and sour. Actually thinking about it this wasn’t our only Asian outing last month.

The day after Hana’s birthday we met up with a friend of ours in South Kensington, close to the museums. We were going to meet up for a quick coffee but as it was the middle of the day and none of us had eaten the Chinese place was calling. Now a nice big Chinese with vegi spring rolls should have filled us up. Sadly it didn’t. So it was off around the courner to Muriels Kitchen a great cafe with a window filled with beautiful baked treats. A coffee turned into big slabs of chocolate brownie for Hana and Martin and a cream tea (scone, jam, cream and Earl Grey) for me. Yum!

And that reminds me, Hana’s birthday. That was a very good day. Her parents cam to visit and took us out for lunch at a good pub in Chiswick. You might think pub, thats going to be warm beer and cold chips, but this is Chiswick so it was a cool gastropub where I got a great burger and the others all had a humongous fish and chips. And why was I quite happy, because Hana and her mum left some of their fish  which somebody had to finish 🙂 The evening was spent in Kettners, which is a very fancy restaurant and cocktail bar in trendy Soho. The service was fantastic the food was out of this world and the drinks very good!

I am pretty sure there have been a few other places we have been to recently but this is turning into a boast more than a post so its time to sign off for now and get my lazy self back in the kitchen whipping up more treats to share!

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