Whoops, who ate the cakes?

Easter Cupcake

Easter Cupcake

Whoops. Yesterday I was going to share some pictures of the lovely Easter cupcakes Hana was baking for the Red Nose Day bake sale at her work and sadly I didn’t get to doing it. We got back from the gym a little late last night and by the time Hana had baked them and we had eaten dinner it was really late and the cupcakes were still too warm to ice. So fair enough Hana decided to leave them till morning and get up a little earlier.

Okay, so I could still have taken a picture this morning of the gorgeous cupcakes adorned with Mini Eggs and crumbled flake (keyboards and drool don’t mix!). When I woke up a little bit after Hana what was waiting by my bedside? We all know its a cupcake and yes, like a greedy kid I scoffed down with my morning coffee. Do I have the best girlfriend or what! If there is anything better than waking up to a chocolate cupcake for breakfast, I don’t want to know!

So I should have taken a picture of it before eating it but I’m not that together in the morning. Thankfully this isn’t the first Easter I have been doing this blog and as we have a habit of baking our favourite cakes again and again I did write about this recipe last year


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