Cupcakes and London

Hana's Easter Cupcakes

Hana’s Easter Cupcakes

So I thought I didn’t have any pictures of the awesome Easter Cupcakes Hana made on Thursday. Well I was wrong. It turns out that I didn’t take any pictures once they were finished as I was blissfully asleep, but Hana had grabbed my phone and taken a few pictures of them. Also I had to take a picture of a Red Nose Day cupcake Hana bought at the bake sale for me, so sweet!

Red Nose Day CupcakesI think you will agree they look lovely and I can vouch that they tasted good too. I should have another roast recipe to share tomorrow. Right now the kitchen and living room are slowly filling with wonderful smell of Roasting Pork, I am soo looking forward to the crackling which I hope works out (fingers crossed)

Its been a good weekend. We went into London proper yesterday (Oxford St, the West End etc where we had some nice Burrito’s with a voucher Hana got on Living Social.

Easter cupcake's

Easter cupcake’s

We had wanted to go for a walk and though some might have been a bit put off by the rain last night we still went for a stroll along the South Bank before stopping into one of London’s oldest pubs the Anchor Bankside for a drink. I’d recommend going there for a drink or food, they are famous for their Fish and chips which are delish. I recommend going for the large size but that’ s just me!. Its one of those real olde worlde pubs with a labyrinth of rooms on different floors. There is a good out door area and the terrace overlooks the river is nice in the summer, though you do have to put up with all the smokers. 


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