Easter 2013. Kettners, Box Hill and wild garlic

What I have been up to over Easter

I hope you all have had a good Easter. We had a nice time this year getting out ant about in and out of London. Friday Hana treated us to dinner and drinks at Kettners in Soho where we went for her birthday back in February. Last time we really enjoyed going here. It might be a bit of a treat but the prices are not too bad.  I thought the food was even better than last time and I was really glad we were sat near the piano, it makes it a very pleasant evening with a bit of music in the background. As much as I loved having dinner there again I spent the evening sat looking at a giant Chocolate bunny just a few feet in front of me and I could’t do a thing about it.

Here are some pictures of our lovely dinner.

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Saturday we jumped on a train and went out of London to Watford for a friends birthday party/ Easter get together. I was nice to see some friends I hadn’t caught up with in ages and really nice to try the chocolate fountain! But none of that happened till after I had visited every supermarket in Acton and Ealing (my local areas in London) to find the shelves empty of Easter Eggs, more on that in my next post.

Easter Sunday itself was a quiet family day. I stayed at my grans Saturday night to catch up with my brother before he went off to work in a kitchen for the whole day. Sunday I cooked a lovely Chicken roast for my Gran and Hana. I used this recipe from a couple of weeks ago to make the roast and the gravy. It went down well but I wasn’t quite as happy with the gravy as last time. After visiting Hana’s parents we took the train home and stopped of in West Hampastead to get a very non Eastery Asian dinner at Banana Tree
which wasn’t too bad.

The best thing about Easter, 4 day weekend! So Monday we weren’t back to work just yet. After rushing here and there through the weekend it was time to both relax and burn off a bit of the mountains of food from eating out, cake, roast dinners and party food. a friend of Hana’s recommended which is about an hour South of London From where we are in West London it was a bit of a mission to get there. We had to change a couple of times to get the tube down to Wimbledon before getting on a train heading south and into the Surrey countryside, past Epsom and the downs. It’s been ages since we got out into the peace and quiet of the countryside and really away from London. Hertfordshire is quite rural in parts but when I go back for a weekend here and there I don’t usually see those bits. Box Hill is part of the North Downs, which stretch across this part of Surrey and it is famous for its breath taking views. We were quite lucky with the weather, the cold wintery weather which has been going on for ever this year in the UK gave way to a slight bit of warmth, well enough we weren’t cold walking about. Aside from the great views and chance to stretch my legs a bit I did have another highlight. We were walking past a couple of people near the bottom of the hill picking leaves growing from the ground, as we walked past we wondered what it was “Wild Garlic” the man answered and gave us some to smell. Its strange but the green leaves really smell of pungent garlic. He gave us a little plastic bag and we picked some too. Just got to think of a recipe to cook it in.

Find out more about my 2013 Easter Egg hunt and what we cook with the wild garlic in my upcoming posts




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