The great Easter Egg hunt 2013

Easter eggs

Easter eggs (Photo credit: WillowGardeners)

My journey to find an Easter egg this year!

Rewind quite a few months back to the end of December 2012. The world didn’t end on December 21st like youtube thought it would. Christmas came and went and no sooner had the aisles been cleared of Christmas foods and with tinsel still decorating the stores across London a curious thing happened. I went into the supermarket and low and behold, Easter Eggs were already replacing the Christmas puddings and trees. I thought two things;

1 Wowza that’s crazy early to have Easter eggs in the shop!

2  Woohoo! Easter egg chocolate has to be the best there is.

Easter eggs // Ostereier

Easter eggs // Ostereier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Easter egg chocolate is just the right thinness, I really think it goes a long way to making it so delish! Anyway I was quite naught in the first part of the year. After all if the supermarket has a whole aisle of Easter eggs then it takes someone stronger than me not to get one now and then.

So a few months (and more than a few eggs later) it’s the day before Easter and I haven’t bought an Egg for Hana, my Gran or brother. So I popped out to the supermarket, only to find the aisle of eggs was now an aisle of gardening stuff (?). Cricky, after this I had an afternoon Easter hunt. I spent ages hunting through all the supermarkets and shops I could find till it was time to head back to Harpenden egg-less and more than a little disappointed.

After a good Easter Sunday seeing family we stopped of for dinner where we change trains and low and behold in the local supermarket was a glistening, shinning and crazy delicious looking display of EASTER EGGS! So after dinner I had to run over and grab an Easter egg or (two).

It might seem like I am obsessed with Easter eggs and I guess I am a little bit but never mind, we all have to have something!

Next time around we are back to recipes and I’ll be sharing the really great curry recipe we had the other day. It came from one of Hana’s workmates and it really is the Best Ever Curry!


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