Sunday afternoon at Chez Marcelle

Woo hoo! the sun finally broke through the grey skies of London today and we had one of the first gorgeously spring days of the year with the thermometer pushing 19° for what might be the first time this year (not 100% sure about that). So we got out and about and went for a walk from Hammersmith down to Kensington Olympia. Its a lovely area to walk through filled with a mix of beautiful old buildings and newer office buildings. It might not be the most picturesque area but it is nice for a Sunday afternoon walk.

We met up with Hana’s parents in Kensington Olympia and Hana led us to a really, really, really great Lebanese restaurant hiding around the courner Chez Marcelle, which she had been to. From the outside it’s a pretty normal street and the restaurant is one you could pretty much walk by almost without noticing it. When we walked it I thought, it didn’t really look much and to be honest I wasn’t expecting too much from the lunch. Well I was to be proven very wrong!

Hana kept telling us to just try the food and that we should order a whole bunch of starters. After looking through the menu we kind of left it to Hana to recommend what she knew were the best things and we ordered lots of different starters and two mixed grill main courses between us. We might have had a bit of a wait whilst Marcelle was busy in the kitchen cooking it all up, but Oh My God. The food was wonderful, the grilled chicken and lamb were perfectly spiced and cooked to perfection. We had quite a few dishes but my two favourites had to be the Fattoush (a levantine bread salad), the Cheese Sambousek (a cheese pastry parcel) and the grilled chicken , which was so gently spiced and juicy.

The whole meal and the experience of the eponymous Marcelle  coming over to talk to us, reminded me of some of the best meals we had back in Greece last year, like the ones we had at Mama’s house Fira, Santorini. I think that’s why I liked it so much there today, it was unprepossessing from the outside and when you sat down to eat, but the food shone out. Marcelle herself was really nice, she came over to see if we liked the food and to chat .

All in all a lovely Sunday to hopefully kick-start the spirng with!

Coming up in the next post, Red lentil and chorizo soup!


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