200th post: RussellsKitchen, a blog in review

I have been really trying to think what to put in a 200th post? In the end I opted to look back over my blog so far. I have picked out a few of my favourite posts and those which have been really popular. I hope you enjoy.

I started this blog back in September 2011 and since then it has grown beyond what I thought it could or would, so thanks to all my readers out there. I started writing down and taking pictures of the things I cook after we went on holiday to the Dordogne in summer 2011 (find more on my inspiration here). Initially it was just a way to have my own collection of recipes, just for me. My gran had a cookbook which belonged to her mother which had all her recipes in and I thought this would be the 21st century equivalent of that, just something for me (see my first recipe post).

In those early days I was shocked and really happy that one or two people had stopped by and read a recipe or post and I still wasn’t really thinking about it being much more that my own collection of recipes which I could use for pulling one out when I needed it. Some of my favourite recipes were posted in those early days including the one which really started it for me. I cooked this one-pot sausage stew in France with fantastic sausages from the butcher in Le Bugue and when I recreated it at home I had to note it all down in this recipe post.

In those early days I didn’t have a decent digital camera and so a lot of the photos were from Shutterstock or the Zemanta selection WordPress gives you, which meant I didn’t always have a picture which fitted the article properly. Since then I have upgraded my phone twice and gone from a 2 megapixel camera, to a 8 megapixel one and beyond to now using a 4 ultra-pixel one (see my shiny new camera), still not quite sure what an Ultra-pixel is but it looks great!

There have been some great food highlights over the past 199 post, like the London Olympics, doing a 10k run or our cooking experience at l’atelier des chefs. Looking at my most viewed posts it seems people have a very sweet tooth with my posts on chocolate bar cupcakes coming out way on top. Find them below;

Chocolate bar cupcakes ~ Bueno yummyness!

Chocolate bar cupcakes ~ Bueno yummyness!

Chocolate bar cupcakes – Kinder Bueno Cupcake

Chocolate bar cupcakes – Mars Bar Cupcakes

Crunchie bar cupcakes

Last year I was lucky enough to go visit Greece for my holiday, and I haven’t stopped talking about it since! Athens was stunning and I

Dinner at Mama's House - Fira, Santorini. Staters, including Grilled Eggplant rolls stuffed with three cheese and spinach. Yum!

Dinner at Mama’s House – Fira, Santorini. Staters, including Grilled Eggplant rolls stuffed with three cheese and spinach. Yum!

really felt at home there. I saw some pretty amazing sights. Then there was Santorini which took my breath away and I had two of the best meals I can remember. Find them again here (food so good it will make you cry Part 1 and Part 2).

So what was my favourite recipe? That’s a hard one and honestly one I can’t answer. What I really love is being in the kitchen cooking with Hana who has stared in some of my posts and contrary to how it might seem sometimes, does 50% of the cooking in our flat.

I wonder where I will be and what I will be doing when I hit the next milestone at 300? Till then I hope you keep reading and please let me know if there are any recipes you’d like me to try out or things you’d like to see on this blog, it’s always nice to hear from people.

British heart foundation 10k run - hyde park

British heart foundation 10k run – hyde park

Thanks for reading



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