The Jugged Hare, Barbican London

Barbican centre, Lakeside terrace

Barbican centre, Lakeside terrace

The sun is back out and it has been a really lovely weekend down here in London. It’s nice being able to go out without being wrapped up in a zillion layers.

Barbican centre. Terrace

Barbican centre. Terrace

Last night we went out to the Opera (very posh!) at the Barbican centre in the City of London, that curiosity of a city within a city.

Inside the Barbican

Inside the Barbican

The Opera was quite interesting and was a somewhat unique presentation involving live actors as well as 2D and 3D film. Something more experimental like this could end up looking a bit gimmicky but they pulled it off really well. The Opera was titled “The Sunken Garden” and was written by David Mitchell of Cloud Atlas fame. In a similar way it felt disjointed in parts with a score to match. Sadly last night was the end of the run else I’d recommend going.

After we came back out into a relatively UN familiar part of the city, luckily on the courner was a nice looking gastropub, The Jugged Hare. From the outside and in it screams upper middle class gastropub and it’s assortment of mounted small animal heads adorning the walls reinforces this. Whilst there is a large main menu we elected to order from the post theatre menu which offer’s 2 courses for £22 and 3 for £27. There is a good selection of dishes on offer here and I really liked the face they serve wine by the carafe, perfect for when a bottle is a bit too much.

Braised rabbit legs, faggots, peas, bacon, grain mustard sauce

Braised rabbit legs, faggots, peas, bacon, grain mustard sauce

I started with the Wild boar and pistachio terrine, rhubarb chutney which was served with little crisp breads. Whilst the terrine was lovely and rich with flecks of green veg, I thought the star of the starter was the rhubarb chutney which had just the right tanginess to cut through the terrine. I thought the two worked well together a great paring and an imaginative use of rhubarb.

For the main course I followed this up with a bit of bunnicide in the form of Braised rabbit legs, faggots, peas, bacon, grain mustard sauce. This was my first time trying Rabbit and I have to say it was a lot like chicken. I had always thought it would be a very game falvoured meat but it was a lot less strong than I thought. The real star was the grain mustard sauce which brought the dish together for me. Whilst the peas and bacon and the faggot were nice too they needed the sauce to mesh it all into one dish.

If you are in the Barbican area and looking for a pre/ post theatre meal then this is a good place to go. I would say that once you add in either a carafe or bottle of wine it becomes a bit expensive and the waiters ask you what type of bottled water you want as soon as you sit down. I know it’s their job but you do feel made to say “still” or “sparkling” instead of plain old tap water.

Hope you all had a good weekend too.


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