Mezze feast for a party: Our little House party

Chez Marcelle, London. Great Meze

Chez Marcelle, London. Great Meze

Last night we had a party at home for the first time in ages, it was really nice to have had people over and host a get together. It was great to have people over and see everyone again, some we have not seen in ages. We had a good time with a great bunch of people and I think as always it went well.

We did quite a bit of preparation for the evening, thinking about different foods and cocktails to make. It can be a bit difficult thinking what to serve at a party, do you go with chips and dips and a few ready-made bits and bob’s, sausage rolls and stuff? There’s nothing wrong with those and they can be really nice, but we wanted to serve something a bit different and make something ourselves. I was also thinking that people would be expecting a few homemade dishes after having read this blog and seeing all the things we cook up for ourselves. After showing them off on a weekly basis it would be a bit mean not to cook for people.

After a bit of uming and ahing we decided to pull out the good old go to book, ‘Feast’ by Nigella Lawson and throw together a selection from two of her party menus. Most of the things we made were from the Mezze feast for 10-20 with one added from the Microfeast to Megafeast. We followed this up with a white chocolate cake from the Peggy Porschen book (Hana also knocked up a couple of cocktails from this book, one alcoholic and once non-alcoholic)

I am going to try to share these recipes with you and I thought I’d start with the simplest to make, the Goats cheese and Walnut dip. This one was criminally easy to make in just a few short steps. It’s what I love about the recipes from the Nigella book, they often look and taste really complicated and like they took an age to make whilst actually being quite simple to prepare (a very good secret!).

Cover of "Feast: Food to Celebrate Life"

Cover of Feast: Food to Celebrate Life

Goats cheese and walnut dip

Adapted from ‘Feast’ by Nigella Lawson


2 Spring Onions, finely chopped,
large handful of Basil leaves,
75g chopped Walnuts,
250g Goats Cheese (free of rind)
1 clove Garlic
3-5tbsp Olive Oil*
(the original recipe calls for garlic infused oil, as I didn’t have this I used a clove of garlic in the mix and normal olive oil).


goat cheese crumbles

Prepare all the ingredients as above, you don’t need to be to fussy when chopping the Spring Onions, they will go in the blender with everything else.

Blend the Walnuts first so they get broken down, I didn’t do this a paid a bit later! Add in the Spring Onions and the Basil and blitz again.

What I didn’t do, but would recommend,  is adding the Goats cheese in stages. I added it all in one go, it stuck up the blender and made it take much longer to blitz.

Finally as you are processing the dip pour in the olive oil. I have said 3-5tbsp as it depends upon the consistency of dip you like, add less if you want a thicker paste.

Serve with some warmed sliced pita bread, yummy!

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