Morning Summertime Smoothie

Smoothie’s and Park life

English: Gunnersbury Park. The pond and buildi...

English: Gunnersbury Park. The pond and building are situated in the south eastern section of the grid square. This section of the park occupies about 40 percent of this grid square. The picture was taken from the south west side of the pond. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wowza what a lovely bank holiday weekend it’s been. For once on a bank holiday the weather was sunny with just a few clouds in the sky over London. Our plan for the day was pretty simple, hit the gym in the morning (after a little lie-in) then pop to the Gunnersbury Park for the afternoon and chill out.

Mission accomplished! I love Gunnersbury Park and the silly thing is that even though it is just a short 20 minute walk from our flat I have only been a handful of times since we moved in. I’m not quite sure why that is. Maybe it doesn’t have the big draw appeal of the Central London parks like Hyde Park, Regent Park or St James Park, or the hipster chic of London Fields, but on a warm sunny day it’s a lovely place for a walk. Whilst most people seem to stay in the smaller area close to the main entrance and in easy reach of all the facilities I often prefer the quieter bottom courner where you are under the cover of huge old tree’s. It might not be the most glamorous spot but it reminds me of places I used to play in, in Harpenden as a kid.

Near the park entrance is a little pavilion cafe where you can get the usual tea, coffee and ice cream’s as well as cakes etc. It’s might not be anything special but it is also a perfectly nice place to stop off and rest your feat after a walk around the park itself.

The park straddles the boroughs of Hounslow and Ealing and sits between Acton and Brentford. Aside from a great expanse of park land to wander around and a large duck pond there are sports facilities for football, tennis, rugby and a pitch and putt golf course. Many years ago the Mansion and Gunnersbury Park Estate were owned by the princess Amelia and the Rothschild family. I am sorry to say that I still haven’t been inside the mansion itself but it is supposed to have beautifully ornate painted ceilings from its Rothschild days.

It’s a park that is more for wandering around, playing games and chilling out in rather than being seen in an uber cool place.

But before we went to the park or to the gym we started the day with an energising fruit and yogurt smoothie. This should make two servings.

Morning Summertime Smoothie

1 Banana
1 glass Orange Juice
Frozen Mixed berries (means you don’t need ice)
generous scoop of fat free Greek Yogurt

Pop everything into a blender and blitz till you have a lovely thick smoothie consistency, pour into a glass, garnish with a straw and enjoy!

*The quantities given are rough estimates of what we used to play around with it and adjust the juice/ yogurt portions to thicken to taste.


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