The foodies guide to Brighton

The foodies guide to Brighton.

I took a week away from blogging and work last week as Hana was off work for a week, we thought we’d make the best of the early May bank holiday with a staycation (a holiday where you don’t go on holiday). We had a really lovely time doing a few bits in London and visiting friends too. For me the highlight of the week was our day-trip to Brighton. The moment someone suggests a day here I instantly become an excited 10 year old again so I was really looking forward to this when Hana suggested it. As a kid growing up my grandparents would take me and my brother to Brighton a few times each summer. We’d wander through the lanes, get an ice cream on the beach and play on Brighton Pier. I last went for my birthday treat a couple of years ago, Hana said I could have any foodie treats I wanted all day long (something which I think she regretted a bit later!).

Brighton: The Foodies guide

For those who haven’t been before, Brighton sites on the south coast of Britain facing into the English Channel. Which means in the winter it’s a bit cold, wet and miserable; but when the sun comes out it becomes a real mecca for the sun seekers, foodies and families. And with a thriving alternative scene Brighton has a lot to offer everyone, especially those with a hearty appetite!

The Lanes and North Laine.

North Laine, Brighton

North Laine, Brighton

Jubilee Clock Tower Brighton

Jubilee Clock Tower Brighton

When we come out of the station at the top of the hill we usually make our way down to the big cross roads by the clock tower, from here you can head up to the shopping centre (nice enough but not what you’re in Brighton for) down to the sea (yay!) or over to the maze of small side streets which make up the lanes. When I was younger we would always start our day walking around The Lanes and North Laine areas. They are split into two halves in one side you have lots of little antique shops. This is where my gran would always take us to rummage amongst the independent shops making up this historic part of the town.

On the other side is the cool, funky and very trendy area of the Brighton North Laine, home to a myriad of retro shops. When I had been to Brighton with my grandparents we hadn’t been to this area and it was Hana that first took me down

Cool cakes in North Laine Brighton

Cool cakes in North Laine Brighton

here. I really like the part of the town; it is a heady mix of chic and bohemian. I’d recommend this area for its independent cafes serving everything from excellent Gelato and Milkshakes to cakes and treats. Hana got some really lovely Gelato from a café called Gelato Gusto which I tried and it was delicious! I went to a little bakery and had a lovely sausage roll. When Hana first took me here I went a bit crazy with chocolate bar milkshakes, ice creams and cake, nom! I’d say this part of town is best for food on the go, or if you want to sit with a coffee in an uber cool way!

The Seafront

Grilled Sea Bass

Grilled Sea Bass

I love walking along the seafront at the top of the beach. All the way along the main part, stretching east from the pier there is a good mix of resturants, bars clubs and little stalls where you can pick up fresh shellfish and other fish in small pots. We stopped in for lunch at a restaurant called Santiago which offers excellent daily fish specials and tapas. We plumped for the Sea bass with roasted sweet potatoes and green beans. I thought the food was lovely and a meal for two with a glass of wine each came to just over £40. It might not be the cheapest lunch but the fish was well cooked, the wine was nice and the view over the beach and sea was lovely, so well worth it!

The Pavilion and the Cultural Quarter

Brighton Pavilion

Brighton Pavilion

The Pavilion was another part of Brighton I hadn’t been to before Hana took me there. I think as a child we mainly went to the seafront, the pier and the main streets. I’m not sure why we didn’t go here but it’s a nice area to sit outside in the Pavilion gardens and catch a little sun and listen to the buskers.  Across the street from the cultural quarter at the edge of The Lanes we have a cream tea in a lovely little tea room. It looked like somewhere out of an old novel, the walls lined with plates and tables full of cake. As we walked by I saw the enormous cream tea with the biggest scones ever and I couldn’t resist. So in we went. I think you’ll agree the cream tea looks lovely. A very English thing to do on a sunny day! I just about got through my two scones but sadly had to leave the one Hana couldn’t eat (sad face!).

The Evening and the Fringe

In the evening we went to a comedy show in the Brighton Fringe. This is another new thing I have learned about Brighton from Hana, I’m starting to think I didn’t really know it that well despite having been loads of times. We saw a show in one of the pubs by a comedy troop called the Legion of Doom. Very, very funny! I almost died of laughter during a few of their sketches. If they had a site I would link to them but sadly they don’t.

I love taking day trips to Brighton. When the weather is nice I think it is one of the best parts of the country to visit, especially if you have someone to share lots of foodie treats with!

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