Iced Coffee time

Iced Coffee

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Lately I have been thinking about something very close to my heart on a daily basis, Coffee. If you are someone like me who works from home and is sat at their desk or kitchen table every day, or if you are working in offices up and down the land then there is one thing which fuels all, coffee. It kick start the day and keeps us going when we feel that mid-afternoon lull.

I have been a big coffee fan since what was probably too early an age. When I was growing up my grandparents seemed to be entirely fueled by tea and coffee as neither of them were big eaters. I don’t mean they didn’t like to cook or that they didn’t eat, its just that they consumed way more hot drinks than hot food. Where I come from tea and coffee are a chain habit! So I joined in the coffee habit and fell in love with it.

One of my favourite treat things to do is really simple. I love going to a cafe, maybe with my laptop or a book, sitting down and chilling out for a while as I watch the world go by. When you’r younger there seems a lot more time for that than now but when I get the chance I still like to treat myself. The good thing about having coffee as a treat is that it’s not too expensive. Okay if you go to Starbucks or Pret every morning then it would be! But getting a nice coffee from a local coffee shop just now and then won’t break the bank.


Cappuccino (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My favourite coffee? In winter that has to be a cappuccino, I love pouring on a pack of sugar and watching as it slowly sinks through the foam, giving it a little stir then eating some of the foam with my teaspoon. For the summer there aren’t many things better than an Iced coffee. Sure you can get them from most coffee shops, whether independent or big-chain. The beauty of the iced coffee is that you don’t need any specialist equipment to make one at home too.

Iced Coffee

Ingredients and kit

1 cafetiere to make the coffee in
a bag of your favourite coffee. At the moment I am rocking Taylors of Harrogate’s decaffe

List of Greek dishes

List of Greek dishes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Make a pot of coffee according to the pack instructions and leave it to cool down to room temperature.

Once cool take a glass and half fill with ice. Mix some of the coffee with milk and add to the ice.

Stir and it’s ready to cool you down.

As much as I love coffee I’m afraid to say that coffee doesn’t always like me. The sucky thing is that as much as I’d love to be able to have several cups of the hot black stuff through the day, starting in the morning and continuing through the day, My body doesn’t agree with me. Last year I kept finding I had palpitations, at first they were maybe once or twice a week and I didn’t think too much of it; but as time went on they became almost every day and I did get a bit worried. I saw the Doctor and had a full check up and after lots of tests at the clinic and hospital there wasn’t really anything wrong; the doctor did say that I should cut back on coffee and caffeine in general. Since then I have cut back and though I still have the odd one or two regular coffee’s most of the time I’m now chugging decaff, whether its an instant or cafetiere at home or a decaff Latte  when I go out.


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