Sunday birthday lunch

Kettners Sunday Lunch for my Birthday 

Last weekend we had my Gran’s 90th birthday. This weekend, or more specifically yesterday it was my turn to celebrate a birthday (as much as you can when your turning 31!) and welcome in my early 30’s. We had a lovely party at the flat on Saturday night, a day early I know but it means people can stay out late without worrying about work the next day. I think we went to town a bit with the Mezze feast we made this time and managed to top what we did last month but I will share more about that in another post.

This time I want to talk about what we did on my birthday, Sunday. Back in February we went out for dinner for Hana’s birthday and since then we have been back a couple of times to what has fast become a favourite of ours, and out go-to-place for celebrations. Kettners  sits in Soho on the courner of Greek Street and Romilly Street, by the heart of London’s Theatreland.

The building is filled with history dating back to when it was opened in 1867 by Napoleon’s chef, Auguste Kettner. Since then it has weatherd wars, upturns and downturns. Today it exudes a wonderfully refined classic feel. The dining rooms downstairs are decorated in what you’d imagine they looked like back in the roaring ’20’s.

So enough of history and down to what we had for lunch. As it was a Sunday Hana wanted to take me out for a Sunday lunch as thought this would be a good place as we both love it. I have to say in the past, though the food has always been lovely I have come away with a bit of room in my tummy, not this time however.

We both went from the Sunday set menu which was really nice. Below is what I had for my birthday dinner, delish!

To start

Chicken Liver Parfait 

I thought this was really lovely. The Parfait was rich and smooth, it reminded me of some of the pâté I had back in the Dordogne. There was just a hit of the velvety richness of Fois Gras.

Hana went for the classic Prawn Cocktail with Crayfish, yummy.


Traditional Sunday Roast with Rib of Shorthorn Beef

I don’t get to have beef much. It’s the only meat which Hana doesn’t eat and if I go back to my Gran’s and make a roast there’s not much point roasting a whole joint of beef for two people, one of which will hardly eat any.  I love cooking a roast chicken or nice bit of Lamb for us at home but sometimes you can’t beat a nice bit of rare beef. I thought it was cooked really well. The only thing I’d say in criticism was the gravy was just a little too salty.

Hana went for the roast Chicken

Pudding time! 

Creme Brule

I had looked at the menu the night before and narrowed my pudding selection down to one of each of them, on the day. I had to go with a classic , the Creme Brule. It’s not my favourite dessert on the menu, I mean I love the creamy custard and vanilla flecks. Its the kid in me which orders it to I can crack the burned sugary crust on top.

And the lovely Hana had the Mango and Passion Fruit Pavlova (oh I am a pavaholic, should have had this!)

All in all a yummy Birthday treat. I have to say a big thank you to Hana who did a lot of work over the weekend for our party and who got me lovely presents and took me out for lunch. I think I was quite spoiled over Saturday and Sunday. Now off to order the pipe and slippers us old men need.


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