Summer eating: Osteria del Portico, Ealing

Amidst the strangeness of this month we found a little time to eat out and try and cheer ourselves up a bit so Hana decided to treat us to  lunch out just down the road in Ealing. There is a little Italian restaurant by Ealing Green which we have passed hundreds of times over the past few years and always said “that looks nice, we should eat there sometime”. It can often seem like ‘sometime’ never comes around but in light of what happened recently we are trying to do more things and get out and use London more.  So we opted for lunch at Osteria del Portico, Ealing.

Italian dining in Ealing

Italian dining in Ealing

From the outside you could easily miss it, it’s tucked away in an ally of its own leading from the street to the restaurant itself. The ally is lined with outdoor tables and chairs, one side is in the open so you can enjoy the sun (when we have some!) the other half is covered by the adjacent building offering shade and protection from the inevitable rain. There is a reasonable sized indoor area, which I didn’t see as we sat outside in the bit of sun we had!

Osteria del Portico

Osteria del Portico

Osteria del Portico presents itself as simple place, its isn’t overly decorated though it’s not exactly under-dressed either, but it does allow the food itself to shine instead of trying to impress or distract you with overly fancy decor. Like many of London’s restaurants whether part of a chain or an independent they offer a fixed price lunch menu with a few options for starters and main courses. We opted for this and paid £10.95 each for the starter, main and a small glass of house white wine.

I’m a big eater, I cant hide it. I know a fixed price menu is a good deal but I can often be a little disappointed by the portion sizes and being a small independent I thought this might be the case, but was pleasantly surprised at Osteria del Portico. As there were several options we wanted to try for a starter, we opted to order two and share them. I went for the Tomato and Mozzarella salad with basil pesto dressing.

Tomato and Mozzarella salad with basil pesto (Osteria del Portico Ealing)

Tomato and Mozzarella salad with basil pesto (Osteria del Portico Ealing)

Hana ordered the Marinata di Verdure or, Grilled vegetables with goat cheese crumble. The tomatoes were juicy and flavour full and I really enjoyed the pesto dressing. I thought Hana’s starter was really well made as well. They used a good quality goats cheese and quite big slabs of it.

Grilled vegetables with goat cheese crumble (Osteria del Portico Ealing)

Grilled vegetables with goat cheese crumble (Osteria del Portico Ealing)

When it came to the mains there were several great looking options on the menu but both of us jumped at the same dish, Spaghetti allo and Scoglio or Spaghetti with mixed seafood. I know I should have tried something new but I fell in love with seafood spaghetti back in Greece. It was really well prepared with a good tomato sauce base which wasn’t too rich or sweet as can be the case if you go to an Italian chain restaurant. The prawns were quite large and as a whole it was a lovely and filling plate of food.

I would highly recommend having lunch here if you are in West London. I think it would have been a nice option to be able to choose between three courses but all in all a great little place to eat!

The last few weeks since my Grandmother passed away have been a funny old time. Not funny in the haha sense but in the strange sense of ‘funny’. For the first few days it didn’t feel real or like anything had happened or changed. I think things have very gradually dawned on me over the past few days and weeks.

(I have not received any remuneration for this post and offer it mearly as my own thoughts on the restaurant.)

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