Summer day’s out in London

Summer days in London.

Last weekend I went into central London a couple of times to enjoy the good weather, meet up with friends and have a nice day out with Hana. Generally I was trying to keep myself occupied and cheer myself up after what happened recently.

Friday evening I met up with an old friend in Patisserie Valerie on Piccadilly for a light dinner and a big slab of their Blackforest Gateaux

Blackforest Gateaux (Patisserie Valerie)

Blackforest Gateaux (Patisserie Valerie)

After a lovely meal, the gateaux and a coffee it was time for a little walk. We wandered down St James street to Avenue Restaurant for a very refined cup of tea in the ultra modern and very well-appointed bar area. Looking over the menu it’s somewhere I will have to eat at over the summer. The prices make it the kind of place you go for a real treat or special occasion but I’m sure we can find a reason.  I loved the Wimbledon themed bar decorations,

Avenue Restaurant (Avenue Restaurant)

Avenue Restaurant (Avenue Restaurant)

Saturday I went into town with Hana for the day. The weather was lovely and I needed some new jeans (which I didn’t find)  to replace my old worn out Zara ones. We jumped off the tube at Green Park and walked down Piccadilly to Fortnum and Mason. I used to go here years ago with my Gran, she would treat us to a tin of their Early Grey Tea and some of their fine blue cheese. If it was a special occasion, or if she was just in a good mood we would even have afternoon tea in the tea rooms. It wasn’t an everyday thing but a real treat and something which I will treasure.

Fortnum and Mason (Fortnum and Mason)

Fortnum and Mason tea’s(Fortnum and Mason)

Fortnum and Mason - sweets

Fortnum and Mason – sweets

Lunch was what many call “London’s best sandwhich“, the Soho Special from Bodean’s in Soho, proper ‘Man Food’!

Bodeans -Soho Special (Bodeans BBQ)

Bodeans -Soho Special (Bodeans BBQ)

After a walk through Soho and regent street and a little shopping we capped the afternoon off with a visit to Kahve Dunyasi. This is London’s first branch of the most popular coffee chain in Turkey. Firstly it’s nothing like a Starbucks or Costa. Here you get freshly made cakes and ice creams, real Turkish coffee and all manner of chocolate delights. After not having had a good Greek/ Turkish coffee since last year I took the chance to have one and it didn’t disappoint. It was thick and rich, I recommend ordering it with Mastic which gives it a deeper and more aromatic taste as well as being a little sweet to counter the bitterness of the thick coffee. Be warned it is prepared and served the traditional way so you have about a quarter of a cup of coffee grounds at the bottom of you cup.

Turkish Coffee (Kahve Dunyasi)

Turkish Coffee (Kahve Dunyasi)

Kahve Dunyasi

Kahve Dunyasi

All in all some pretty good days out in London!


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