Restaurant Review: Studio 6 Restuarant on London’s South Bank

Anniversary dinner at Studio 6

Gabriel' s Wharf (Photo: Ben Sutherland)

Gabriel’ s Wharf (Photo: Ben Sutherland)

Following on from my last post, we had been having a lovely day out for our anniversary in and around London. So far we’d stopped off for a nice lunch at the Embankment cafe, been to a very interesting photography exhibition, Visions of the Universe, at the Maritime Museum, taken a river cruise and seen an urban allotment on the South Bank! Not a bad anniversary day out so far but our tummies were starting to rumble so dinner time!

We both love wandering along the South bank, one of our first nights out together many years ago was strolling along here in the winter before getting a drink and it’s somewhere we have come back to many times afterwards. There are quite a few restaurants along here as the South bank is really popular with Londoners and tourists alike; I’ve eaten a several over the years but as yet hadn’t eaten at any in Gabriels wharf. I’ve walked around it a few times and the restaurants and shops always look suitably cool and artsy for the South bank.

If your entering from the river-side entrance then Studio 6 is at the back of the wharf. From the outside it might look more like a bar than a restaurant (which is a mistake I have made in the past) and on a decent summers evening it would be a great place to grab a beer or two. But we were here to eat.

The menu includes quite a few daily specials on it’s ever changing menu. As we’d had a decent sized lunch earlier in the day  and weren’t too hungry, we decided to split a starter of pitta bread and dips, taramasalata, hummus and …….  (I can’t remember what the third one was) served with olives and a dash of salsa. That way there’d still be room for the main course.

Gabriels Wharf, South bank: Studio 6 pitta bread and dips

Gabriels Wharf, South bank: Studio 6 pitta bread and dips

The bread and dips were nice, but not really anything you couldn’t get in quite a few other places. The main course however was where Studio 6 restaurant shined. I ordered the calves liver which was served with lovely potatoes and a rich red onion sauce, but for me the best bit was then the waitress asked if I’d like bacon with it. The answer? YES PLEASE!

Studio 6: Liver and Onions

Studio 6: Liver and Onions

The Calves liver itself was divine, it was cooked to perfection and just melted in your mouth. I remember having liver as a child, it always seemed leathery and over-cooked which with something this delicate can happen in the blink of an eye The red onion gravy/ sauce worked wonderfully with the liver. It had a robust taste but not too strong as to completely over power it.

Hana opted for a lovely curry and rice, presented in a what I thought was a really nice way. Overall I liked the main course, it was what I’d call ‘proper food’, it didn’t try to be overly fancy but let the food speak for itself.

Studio 6 curry and rice

Studio 6 curry and rice

Desert time. Strangely for me I wasn’t in the mood for desert this time! I think I’d been filled up with the lovely lunch and a bit of cake earlier in the day. But I did insist Hana have one, after all she hadn’t had any treats yet and this was an anniversary dinner and day out. So she ordered this lovely chocolate desert with a strawberry and strawberry sauce. I did try just a little and it tasted really nice.

Studio 6: chocolate desert

Studio 6: chocolate desert

I didn’t have any wine or alcohol with the meal but looking over the menu it looked like there was a good selection of either and they were at a pretty reasonably price. Sticking with my cola and Hana having a glass of white wine the whole meal came in at just under £50, which is pretty good for a meal for two in a very arty part of the South bank just by the river.


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