West Hampstead Farmers Market

Explore the wonderful produce at West Hampstead’s Farmers Market

Beautiful vegetables at the farmers market

Beautiful vegetables at the farmers market (Photo: Russell Bowes)

Saturday morning is reserved for laying in, cuddles, breakfast in bed and generally not doing that much! They are for pottering around the flat in my pajamas with a cup of coffee and watching a bit of TV. Most of the time we don’t do too much on a Saturday morning, unless we have something planned and need to get ready for. But there are a few things which will get me up, out of bed and ready to go out early in the morning. And that something is, as always, food!

When we go back to Harpenden we pass through West Hampstead to switch trains; the concourse right outside the main station is taken over on a Saturday from 10am -2pm. The West Hampstead Farmers Market, started up in September and has been running each Saturday morning since then. Although I have passed through it several times on the way to catch a train I hadn’t been until a couple of weeks ago when I just decided to get up earlier, jump on the Overground and go check it out. After all, there’d be coffee and snacks to chomp on for breakfast whilst wandering around the stalls full of lovely produce.

West Hampstead Farmers Market

West Hampstead Farmers Market (Photo: Russell Bowes)

There  was a good mix of different stalls to browse through, from specialist cheeses and really lovely butchers to organic bakers and fresh organic produce.

West Hampstead Farmers Market, fresh veggies

West Hampstead Farmers Market, fresh veggies (Photo: Russell Bowes)

As well as buying some lovely goats cheese, which was sumptuous with a bit of fresh bread, I couldn’t resist a lovely organic and gluten free roasted vegetable tart, a delish and an indulgent chocolate and pecan tart; yummers! But what’s in the picture below was my highlight!

Pulled pork and stuffing at the West Hampstead farmers market

Pulled pork and stuffing at the West Hampstead farmers market (Photo: Russell Bowes)

Fresh of the bone Pulled Pork. This was sooo good, I can’t describe. The Pulled Pork was juicy and very flavour full, it just fell apart and melted in your mouth. There was a bit of crackling and some wonderful stuffing too! Not too bad for a fiver really, and nicely washed down with a good flat white coffee, its not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.

Whilst I thought it was lovely to visit the market, and there was a lot of high quality produce on offer from small businesses and directly from the farm too, it isn’t the cheapest way to buy your food. I bought a few bits and bob’s and ended up spending quite a bit so I’d recommend going but making it a treat activity.


4 responses to “West Hampstead Farmers Market

  1. The Farmers’ Market is fantastic, glad you got up early to enjoy it! They sell some delicious cakes too – the chocolate and guinness is a favourite of mine…


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