Cooking on a budget – preparation

Living and cooking on £20 a week

I have been getting myself ready for next week’s budget cooking week challenge. If you didn’t see my post earlier this week then I’ll bring you up to speed. I have seen a lot in the news this year about the rise in the cost of food, which has been as high as 25%, that’s something which I think we all notice when doing a weekly shop or just popping to the supermarket for a couple of things. Starting on Monday I will be seeing if I can get me and Hana through the week on just £20. That includes breakfast, packed lunch for Hana and lunch at home for me, dinner, snacks and all for the week.

Thanks to the local array of greengrocers and independent shops we have felt the squeeze of food price rises a lot less, as the fresh fruit and vegetables I buy from these stores have stayed around the same price. I have been doing some research on other bloggers who have done similar budget living and cooking challenges and seen found some interesting series such as this from Penny Go Lighlty where I have found a lot of tips on how to get through a £10 week, as there are two of us I though it’s okay to up it to £20 or does that seem like cheating?

Penny states that for this type of budget week you are encouraged to use up what’s in your store cupboard, fridge and freezer. I have to say this will make it much easier than I thought. I think I will go down that road as a way to ease us into our first budget week, but I have a very well stocked cupboard and fridge/ freezer.

Through this coming week I will be posting the breakfast, lunch and dinner for the day. I might not add a whole recipe for each but you’ll get the overall picture of what we have had. I will also state whether the ingredients came from the store cupboard or were bought in and where I have to buy things in I’ll keep a running total through the week so you can what I’ve, bought, used and spent.

If anyone has tips, ideas or recipes I’d be grateful if you can share them!

By Russell Bowes

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10 responses to “Cooking on a budget – preparation

  1. Hints and tips? Try googling ‘Live Below the Line’ which is a £5 for 5 day challenge per person. Should give you some hints. Tips would be to plan. I’d say basic things like, rice, pasta or noodles. Don’t forget to put veg in though or you will feel worse for wear. Are you including drinks in this or..?


    • Thanks Alex, I think as a first time doing this I am easing us in with the £20 limit and as I said I am luck enough to always have a well stocked kitchen, though when I use things from it I will acknowledge that I have.


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