Day 2 Budget week cooking: Living on £20 a week

Budget pizza

Budget pizza Photo: Russell Bowes

Well yesterday went okay but I did spend more than I had intended when I realised we needed more washing up liquid and sponges. A tiny expense really at £0.78p but it pushed me over the daily budget I had worked out and it made me a bit frustrated (not as much as someone who can’t choose to stop living on £20 a week). So this morning I put on my planning hat and sat down over breakfast to plan out meals for the rest of the week. I got back online and found some good resources for recipes which I will list at the bottom of this post.


Today I went with…..homemade bread again and a bit of the lemon curd I bought yesterday (on the shopping list). Not much else to report really. I had it with black coffee to save on using up milk, plus I figured that the morning is the best time for a rich black coffee; just what you need to get you going!

Mid-morning snack.

I was beavering away this morning and almost forgot I was getting hungry again, work and very filling bread will do that to you! But I did stop and had an apple, one of two I bought yesterday in the local green grocers. I think they are going to be a big feature this week, though I always get fruit and veg from there as they are sooo much cheaper than the supermarkets.

Budget Lunch – day 2

Budget lunch

Budget lunch Russell Bowes

I followed a recipe from the living below the line PDF, which there is a link to at the bottom. It’s actually a breakfast but did nicely for lunch. The recipe I used was the “Below the line English Breakfast” which was value sausage, fried mushrooms, half a fried tomato and some homemade pan fried chips. The cost of the recipe is listed as £0.34p. I was quite lucky as I bought the ingredients for less than they had costed in the booklet, thank you greengrocers! I also bought a value bag of frozen sausages, 20 for £1.10p I also picked up a pack of 2 chicken kievs in the reduced section for 50p. So I substituted the sausages for chicken kiev. In the end the lunch broke down like this.

1 large potato made in to chips 8p
1/2 a tomato 4p
2 large mushrooms 10p
1 reduced chicken kiev 25p
Total for lunch £0. 47p

I made Hana a packed lunch of a cheese sandwhich with the homemade bread and an apple which was 25p. I’m not sure of the cost of Hana’s lunch but again its pennies.

Afternoon snack

Homemade bread and lemon curd with a glass of value lemonade.


Budget pizza Photo: Russell Bowes

Budget pizza Photo: Russell Bowes

Hana went out on a works night out for a leaving do. They were treated to dinner and drinks on the company which meant there was just me to feed. There was still a cupboard of baking supplies as well as some of the left over pasata from yesterday and a bit of the cheese. Pizza time I thought, and in fact it’s baking as I write. I found a simple and quick dough recipe in the below the line PDF. I did modify it and used some yeast, caster sugar and salt to which added about 25p to the recipe. It was originally costed at 47p in the PDF. Mine broke down like this.

375g  value flour – 18p
1tsp salt – 1p
1tsp caster sugar – <5p
packet yeast – 12p
2tbsp olive oil – 10p
225ml warm water
1/2 jar pasata – 50p
2 large mushrooms – 10p
sliced courgette – <5p
2 slices of ham – 12p
cheese – 5p
Total cost of pizza for two (half for Hana’s lunch tomorrow) £1.28

To go with this I also made tabouleh. Again this will be for tonight’s dinner and tomorrows lunch.
1 red onion – 4p
1 1/2 tomatoes – 12p
1/2 bunch parsley – 20p
1/2 bunch mint – 20p
couscous – 20p
Lemon juice.
Total cost of a big bowl of tabouleh. 76p with more than enough for a side in my dinner, and at lunches tomorrow!

Tabouleh Photo: Russell Bowes

Tabouleh Photo: Russell Bowes

So today I bought a few bits and pieces in Morrisons and the local shop for the rest of the week. My total spend was £7.14 which with what I spent yesterday adds up to £10.62 but I wont need to buy anything for at least a few days As I now have lots of veggies, the big bag of value sausages being the protein taken care of and rice and noodles in the cupboard. Think I might make it till Friday without spending any more money on food? Well maybe……hopefully…..

Good links for budget living and cooking

Penny go Lightly: How to Live on £10 a Week
Live Below the Line: UK Guidance and recipes

By Russell Bowes

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