Day 4 Budget week: Living on £20 a week ~ yesterday

Okay yesterday was a busy day. I had to pop into central London a couple of times which was a nice change but it did mean that with work and everything I ran out of time and didn’t get chance to blog about yesterday’s budget cooking and eating. I think I am getting the hang of this now (when it’s almost a bit too late) but wouldn’t like to speak too soon .

As I said yesterday was a busy day and so it was a little more difficult to prepare everything from scratch. One thing I have learned from this is if your doing everything from scratch you really need to give yourself time to prepare your meals. They may not be as fun as usual but they do still need you to put in some time and effort on them.

Without further ado, here is a run down of yesterday’s cooking.


This morning it was cereal with milk (not yogurt as earlier in the week) and a nice coffee. I picked up 2ltrs of milk in the supermarket on the way back from the station this morning.

Total cost 32p

Mid-Morning Snack

This morning I was really busy and didn’t get a chance to stop and have a snack. There were oranges in the kitchen so I could have had one of those if I had the chance to leave my desk.

Cost –


I borrowed a breakfast recipe from “A girl called Jack” for drop scones. If you’re looking for more budget or below the line recipes its a good resource. I pared these lovely light cheese drop scones with some more of the frozen sausages. They aren’t too bad really. A bit bland but what did I expect when buying 20 for £1.10p

Below the line lunch - drop scones and sausages Photo: Russell Bowes

Below the line lunch – drop scones and sausages Photo: Russell Bowes

Total cost £0.51p

Afternoon snack

A nice juicy orange, which decided the best place for its juice was to leap out all over my keyboard! Darn it and back to work

Cost 25p


Quick veggi soup Photo: Russell Bowes

Quick veggi soup Photo: Russell Bowes

I was looking at the bag of assorted veg in the fridge. It had been a busy day and I still had quite a bit to do so

I thought I’d try a quick and tasty potato – carrot- whats in the fridge soup. I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out as it was just made up as I went along.  I will be sharing this, and other recipes from this week asap!

Total cost for 2 servings £0.91p

Not a bad day’s work me thinks!

By Russell Bowes

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