Quick and easy meal ideas: Chicken and chips

Cheaky chicken and chips recipe

Chicken and Saute potatoes with yogurt and chutney

Chicken and Saute potatoes with yogurt and chutney Photo: Russell Bowes

Today I am looking at a week-night meal idea which is a quick and easy recipe for those nights when you want a really nice meal, but you don’t want to make too much effort. Lets face it, after work on a week night, you can’t always be bothered to cook a big fancy dinner. But does that mean you have to compromise and have a boring meal on those evenings? I think not! This is a really great quick and easy mid-week meal which you can throw together with very little effort from a few staples which you might have lying around in the store cupboard and fridge/ freezer. We made this for dinner between us, back on Monday evening and it was really quick and easy to make (especially as we made it between us).

Chicken and saute potatoes

Chicken and saute potatoes Photo: Russell Bowes

Chicken and chips is always a fun meal to have. It’s one of those meals which take me back to being a kid. Whether it was a pub lunch, or from a cafe or even lazy days at home cooking it straight from the freezer on a baking tray (and the best things in life come on a baking tray!) Chicken and chips has always been staple and favourite meal of mine. I know, for the most part it isn’t the most healthy meal and I can’t pretend that this is the most healthy meal, but it isn’t the worst either. The Chicken is baked in the oven with a simple marinade, making it pretty healthy. The “chips” are pan fried sauté potatoes, yep fried in sunflower or vegetable oil, not the healthiest. However if you dry them off on kitchen paper after cooking then a lot of the fat will get absorbed. Serve with a cool yogurt dip and some green vegetables and the result is a meal which I think is a healthy version of chicken and chips that keeps the best of the pub classic recipe.

Chicken and chips recipe

Chicken, saute potatoes and vegetables

Chicken, saute potatoes and vegetables Photo: Russell Bowes

This recipe is adapted from the November 2013 issue of the Sainsbury’s Magazine. When we came to make this I realised that we were missing a couple of ingredients which meant that in the end it turned out a little different. You marinade the chicken before cooking and this should have had some honey in, which makes it stick to the chicken, but means it’s not a healthy so in a way I’m kind of happy that we did have to leave that out.

I also had to modify the yogurt chutney, though I’d call this a dip. The supermarket didn’t have any fresh coriander so I used the dried coriander that lives in my herb and spice rack and I foolishly forgot to pick up a lime so used a bit of Lemon juice instead. Over all the chutney/ dip still tasted really nice which is the main thing.

I’d love to share the recipe but as it’s straight out of a magazine and not mine (save for a few changes) I can’t really share it. If you have a Sainsbury’s near by I’d recommend popping in and getting a copy, I think it might be available else where but I’m not sure.

I hope you like the pictures of this dinner, I certainly enjoyed eating it!

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Unless stated: Recipe, text and photos By Russell Bowes

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