Visit Greece guest post

Turkish Coffee (Kahve Dunyasi)

It has been a busy time of late at RussellsKitchen; I still have a tone of posts to write about our great trip to Rome at the beginning of October and I will be getting to these as quickly as I can. I’m hoping to get one done over the weekend if, fingers crossed, I have enough time. In the meantime I wanted to share my latest guest post on the Visit Greece Blog. This is my third post for Visit Greece, where I have been sharing some of my experiences of travelling to Greece in 2012 and my exploration of Greek food. Previously I have looked at the best foodie sights to Santorini, Athens and Greece. In this post I delved into another of the highlights of Greece for me, Greek coffee and Baklava.

Me in Greece Photo: Russell Bowes

Me in Greece Photo: Russell Bowes

I am a total caffeine junkie, several million cups a day is just about enough to keep me going. For me coffee needs to be rich and dark and strong. I like coffee which has a deep roasted flavour, preferably made black and with just a little sugar (I know sugar is bad which is why I hardly have it these days). Coffee is different in each country you visit. When I went to France I wasn’t that impressed with their coffee, the food and wine are wonderful, but the coffee? Nothing to write home about. Rather surprisingly I’d say the same of Rome as well. Great food, great wine and a beautiful city, the coffee? Not that great, which was quite disappointing.

But Greece had great coffee and delishious bakalva. In my guest post I look a bit more at these and share a great recipe for preparing Greek coffee and baklava at home.

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