French Fish Pie Recipe

How to Make Fish Pie Photo: Russell Bowes

How to Make Fish Pie Photo: Russell Bowes

When I was a kid, Friday was always fish supper day. I think it’s because my gran went to a traditional Church of England church. Traditionally Fridays are supposed to be meat free (I was never really sure why?) and for us one way or another that meant having fish instead, vegetarian was never really an option. Sometimes it would be fish and chips from the local takeaway, other times we might have a bit of salmon as a treat. But during the winter, when it was cold and wet and you need some really good comfort food, it was fish pie time.

My gran never went in for overly complicated recipes so it was a nice big of cod or other white fish in a creamy and cheese sauce topped with mashed potato and a bit more cheese for good measure. I wish I had her recipe noted down, but like many thing she cooked over the years she just did it from memory, after all if you’ve been cooking a recipe for decades you don’t need to keep checking what you’re up to.

Fish Pie Recipe Photo: Russell Bowes

Fish Pie Recipe Photo: Russell Bowes

I can’t share my Gran’s fish pie recipe with you, but this recipe which Hana baked for us last Friday is pretty similar. Today’s fish pie recipe comes from a great article on One Pot dishes Hana saw on MSN recently. The recipe is by Lindsey Bareham’s new cook book “One Pot Wonders”. If you follow the link to MSN you can find the recipe, and more info on her there.

We found this recipe to be quite simple (my gran would approve) and it didn’t seem to take too long to make it. Whilst it might not seem like a traditional fish pie, topped with lashings of mashed potato, it tastes really nice and I think it works very well, it’s a recipe I’m sure we’ll have again.

Hana followed the recipe pretty much word for word and it worked out just as it looks in the picture and tastes really good. We did leave out the white wine as we didn’t have any in at the time and it seemed a waste to open a bottle of wine just for this when we weren’t going to drink the rest. I’d say if you do have some wine open then use it as I think this would have lifted the recipe and made it just a bit better. We served it with some packet mashed potato or Smash as it’s known here (another memory from my childhood) and a portion of rocket each which we had left over.

Easy Fish Pie  Photo: Russell Bowes

Easy Fish Pie Photo: Russell Bowes

One thing that stood out on this page was actually the comments below it, some of which I think were almost comical. I guess I’d say that if you don’t like a recipe or an article, that’s okay but the referring to a cook book as ‘so called’ seems a little strange.

Text and photos By Russell Bowes

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