Restaurant review: Honky Tonk Chelsea

Burns Night Supper

Honky Tonk Chelsea

Honky Tonk Chelsea Photo: Russell Bowes

I’m a real lover of what people call ‘man food’. For those of you not familiar with what it is, Man Food is generally rich and heavy with big, BIG flavours. We’re talking deep rich steaks, towering burgers with gravy, lobster and chips and fiery curry to blow your head off, all washed down with a big beer or glass of full bodied red wine. Last year Hana found a great list of restaurants serving up real ‘man food’ and Saturday evening we tried one out ~ Honky Tonk Chelsea.

Honky Tonk is an American style diner which has been serving up a big slice of Americana in Chelsea for the past few years and recently opened up a second branch in the heart of trendy Clapham. We went to the Chelsea branch as it’s the nearest one to us. Honky Tonk bill’s itself as serving up “American flavour, British behaviour”. The menu is relatively simple with just a few main course options, burgers, hot dogs, chicken and a steak option. I opted for their signature burger, “The Honky Tonk” which consists of a 7oz rare breed longhorn beef patty topped with cheese, bacon, caramelised onion, guacamole, salsa. lettuce, beef tomato and burger sauce in a bun served with a side of rosemary fries.

Honky Tonk Burger

Honky Tonk Burger Photo: Russell Bowes

Being a bit greedy I also ordered a side of Onion Rings. The burger itself was served medium rare, just to my liking. I was pleasantly surprised that they ask how you prefer your burger to be prepared (rare, medium-rare etc). The combination of all the toppings was really delicious and I would definitely order this again. My only criticism would be when taking a big bite of the burger it was a bit difficult to pick out all the flavours as everything mashed together.

Not Fried Chicken Photo: Russell Bowes

Not Fried Chicken Photo: Russell Bowes

Hana opted for the Not Fried Chicken, oven baked chicken in a secret coating served with rosemary fries and usually apple slaw, which Hana substituted for a house side salad which looked pretty packed (as you can see!). The Not Fried Chicken came with 4 pieces of chicken and as she couldn’t manage them all Hana gave one to me. I thought it was very nicely cooked, juicy throughout and the crispy coating was seasoned really well.

Not being full after my towering burger, fries and onions rings, I ordered a nice dessert too. There’s a nice selection of desserts which was a little different to the website menu, I opted for the key lime pie with flavoured cream and served with a strawberry coulis.

Key Lime Pie Photo: Russell Bowes

Key Lime Pie Photo: Russell Bowes

I love the way this dish was presented, serving on a slate is always a winner for me! The pie was quite good and the filling wasn’t overly limey (as can sometimes be the case). All in all a good pud, though I was a little jealous of Hana. She opted for a chocolate milkshake which was served in an old Dairy Crest milk bottle. For those of you young enough not to remember, Dairy Crest used to bring milk to your door every morning.

Honky Tonk Chocolate Milkshake Photo: Russell Bowes

Honky Tonk Chocolate Milkshake Photo: Russell Bowes

The service was pretty good and the food and drinks came quite quickly, which I thought was good as the restaurant and bar area were packed for the Burns Night festivities which included Haggis burgers (I didn’t try one) and a rendition of “Address to a Haggis” by Robert Burns given rousingly and by someone in full highland finery. The meal for two came to £70 (including a 12%service charge) which included 2 main courses, a dessert, side dish, giant milkshake, 2 beers, 2 cocktails and a coffee. All in all I can’t complain at the price.

Honky Tonk
6 Hollywood Road
SW10 9HY

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