10 Food Trends For 2014

Until a couple of years ago I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a foodie trend. I’ve always thought that food was a pretty standard affair, something which didn’t move in a world of trends and fashions, like the so many other things did. But after joining the blogging world I have seen that just like the world of fashion, food also has it’s trends and hipsters. I think my abiding favourite foodie memory of 2013 was the rise of all things American, gourmet hot dogs, burgers and mountains of pulled pork everywhere, even Wetherspoons got in on the action!.

I have been scouring the internet to search for this years new and ‘must eat’ foods and food trends, so here is my guide to the world of food in 2014.

1. All things American.

Honky Tonk Burger Photo: Russell Bowes

Honky Tonk Burger Photo: Russell Bowes

2013 saw us chow down on gourmet burgers and hot dogs as a glut of American themed restaurants and diners sprung up across the capital. Long time favourites like The Big Easy on the Kings Road seemed busier than ever and a new branch is springing up in Covent Garden this year, pop down and try the amazign Lobster and chips. This year I also discovered a new favourite burger joint, Honky Tonk in Chelsea where you’ll get the king of burgers. This year I’m sure we’ll see more burgers dipped in gravy, gourmet hot dogs and super thick milkshakes as the trend continues.

2. Asian Influence

Wagamama  Photo: Steve Parker

Photo: Steve Parker

South Korea burst onto all our screens in 2012 with Psy’s Gangnam style and since then South Asian food has been steadily building its influence and following on from the annual Chinese New Year Festival in Soho there will be a continued rise in tasty Asian eateries from trendy Shoreditch eateries to more mainstream chains like Wagamama, my recommendation? Try their Ginger Chicken Udon. I’ve also heard on the culinary grape vine that Vietnamese food is set to take hold this year which is something I am really looking forward to having visited Vietnam in my backpacker days.

3. Duffins and other cake combinations

Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins

Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins

Last year saw the birth of two seemingly odd but brilliant cake combinations the duffin and the cronut. For the uninitiated the duffin is a cross between a doughnut and a muffin whilst the cronut is a croissant doughnut mix. Some of the emerging trends seem to be for adding flavoured teas to a variety of desserts, whilst others are looking at returning to lighter desserts which have more fruit than sugar and cream (not sure if I’m going to like that!). Whatever 2014 brings in the bakery world I’m sure it’s going to be pretty unique and I for one will be catching up on the Great British Bake off.

4. “Freefrom” Foods

Gluten free wrap Enchilada's Photo: Russell Bowes

Gluten free wrap Enchilada’s Photo: Russell Bowes

More people than ever are finding food intolerances and the major supermarkets have been quick to provide great alternatives to our favourite foods, like bread, pasta and milk. Having tried gluten free wraps and using soymilk for a few years now I can say that the alternatives can be pretty good, work just as well in recipes and, as we’re told, are better for us too. This year will bring more gains and pulses such as buckwheat, corn and something the fitness industry has known about for a while now, flaxseed.

5. Rise of Technology in the kitchen

Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets

I’ll be looking at this more in depth later, but 2014 looks like it will bring a new wave of ‘smart’ technology to the kitchen. In the last couple of years tablets have crept into the kitchen slowly replacing the traditional cookery book with a mash up of food blogs (like this one!) and great recipe websites. But now we seem poised on a wave of new technology from the smart fridge which will order groceries when we’re running low to my personal favourite, Electrolux’s smart knife. At the concept stage at the moment, this knife will incorporate a smart display and sensor which can monitor the nutritional level and freshness of ingredients we’re using. It’s piece de resistance, is that is can put out negative ions to keep your food fresh, not quite sure how that works!

6. Savoury Cocktails

Savory Cocktail Photo: Jameson Fink

Savory Cocktail Photo: Jameson Fink

This one got me thinking a bit when I first came across it. Sure I have heard of adding ingredients such as egg, tomato or even a stick of celery to a cocktail but a properly savoury cocktail. Well it seems that one of this years new fashions in food will be to add more veggies into our drinks, and odd trend but I guess one to try out!

7. “Healthier” food

Chicken Avocado Salad Photo: Russell Bowes

Chicken Avocado Salad Photo: Russell Bowes

This year healthy food won’t just be on our minds through January as many of us hit the gym in a vain attempt to beat the Christmas bulge. 2014 is going to bring more and more vegetables in just about everything as we try and get them into all manor of places they don’t normally go, cakes, cocktails and even infused ice cubes (more coming). Lets hope a bit of courgette cake can help make dessert easier on the waistline!

8. The Infused Ice cube

Frozen Parsley Cubes Photo: Diana House

Frozen Parsley Cubes Photo: Diana House

I have seen this trend recommended on quite a few sites which are usually very good at predicting new food trends. The Next big thing in cocktails, aside from them going savoury is the addition of ice cubes infused with all sorts of flavours. Expect to see ice cubes infused in herbs, smoke flavour and even tea. Personally I’m looking forward to an earl grey infused ice cube.

9. Chicken makes its comeback

Christmas roast chicken Photo: Russell Bowes

Christmas roast chicken Photo: Russell Bowes

The last few years have brought a glut of American style fried chicken joints across the capital and country which has led chicken to become seen as somewhat downmarket. This year however will see the renaissance of the humble bird as restaurants start serving speciality chicken dishes. Think foie gras stuffed chicken, serving it with black truffle and chicken priced like steak with different birds and cuts on the menu.

10. Hipster Pizza

Cheese free pizza

Cheese free pizza

This year Pizza will get a dalston makeover as it goes all hipster. Think artisan bases and breads infused with herbs, spices and out there flavours. We’ll also see much more info on where the base and the ingredients come from with local producers, think organic and specialist toppings. Pepperoni straight from the farm and handmade cheeses. The best area to find this will still be Shoreditch till it hits the mainstream.

Let me know below what your favourite food trends of 2013 and what you are looking forward to in 2014!

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