Romance of the Greek islands and their Food

Oia, Santorini Photo: Russell Bowes

Oia, Santorini Photo: Russell Bowes

Well Valentines day is just a day away and their is love in the air in general as many of us get ready to show the one we love that bit of extra special attention they deserve. Before we get to valentines day itself me and Hana have been planning our summer holiday, I’m really excited as we are going to be going back to Greece this summer which if you have followed me for a while you’ll know is a favourite destination of ours. Looking through guide books and websites dedicated to Greece and its islands at this time of year really dovetailed with Valentines day as they are great destinations for romantic breaks and have what I think is some of the best romantic dishes you can find.

In my latest post for the Visit Greece blog (here) I look at what I think are Greece’s top 5 romantic islands and a dish associated with each islands before sharing a quick, easy and romantic recipe for Lamb cutlets with fig conserve and saute potatoes.

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