Friday debate: salt and exercise

What’s happening in the world of food this week?

Friday shout out Photo: Hazzat

Friday shout out Photo: Hazzat

The end of another busy week and it’s time to look back at what’s been in the news. I am still looking at what I want to do with these Friday opinion posts so they may vary a little over the next few weeks before settling down into a format which I think works best and that I can always get online it time! This week I have been scouring the news for health, fitness and food related stories and a few have caught my eye so I thought I’d share my comments and opinions on them with you, you very lucky people!

Lets get running! Photo: Sophie

Lets get running! Photo: Sophie

The first story which I wanted to look at was actually the last one which caught my eye, this morning in fact. I was looking over the BBC News Health pages when I saw a shocking image in a story (see the link). More shocking was the fact that 30% of Britons never exercise, never? I mean how can you never get any exercise at all, do you have a floating carpet which just moves you around or a robot butler to tend to every whim? Anyway the article set out 5 really (really) simple ways that these people can get up, move around and get the blood flowing just a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that if you are over weight walking into a gym can seem a pretty daunting prospect and people can feel enbarassed about going that first time. I am never one to judge people in the gym, after all if we all looked super fit and healthy why would any of us be there with a class trainer shouting at us! I can’t believe that 30% never do anything, at all and it seems that something needs to be done to encourage and motivate people to get up and do just a little every day, get fitter and some self confidence back. 

Following on from last weeks post where I looked at the hype surrounding sugar and fat in your diet, this week the killer food is salt. Researchers (who weren’t working on the sugar or fat studies) have come to the conclusion that we all eat too much salt and need to drastically reduce it. Again I know too much salt is bad for us, really we all know it and you can find more info in this article from BUPA but there seem to be a lot of scary food stories around at the moment. There are days when I really am starting to wonder what we can eat, just like this article in the guardian where they mention Protein is now a no-no. So what is there left to eat these days? Not much it seems but as I say, take these studies with a pinch of salt!

What food and exercise related stories have you seen this week and what would you like me to look at in the future? 

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