Who keeps you healthy?

Who helps you keep fit and healthy?

British heart foundation 10k run - hyde park

British heart foundation 10k run – hyde park

I like to keep fit and healthy and for this post I am participating the American Recall Centre’s series “Who keeps you healthy” as part of their hip replacement awareness month. 

If you have been following me on the blog for awhile you will know that aside from cooking up lots of delicious food in the kitchen and then scoffing the lot I also have a real passion for exercise and keeping fit and healthy. I think being healthy means different things to different people. For me being ‘healthy’ means making sure I don’t overindulge (too much) in the foods I love and making sure I eat a good amount of fresh food with lots of veggies. It also means popping up to the gym everyday and hitting the weights hard. Truth be told I don’t do the weights so much to keep me healthy as much as I just love getting in the gym and lifting, as I said it is a real passion of mine.

But that said I do want to keep healthy into my old age, no I’m not quite there yet! I have taken a lot of inspiration in keeping healthy when older from my grandmother and great grandfather. Both of them lived to ripe-old-age clocking up 90 and 96 respectively. My great grandfather was a real inspiration, I remember visiting him when I was a kid and (in his early 90’s) he was showing me how to do the gardening – digging the ground to plant and later harvest potatoes. He managed to keep his garden up for years, growing a lot of the food he ate, fresh from garden to plate. In a big way he also influenced me a lot in how I approach cooking today, preparing fresh food from scratch with fresh ingredients.

Though coming from the late victorian period (yep it’s not that long ago) he would eat quite a few things that today would be considered pretty unhealthy (to say the least). I can’t remember how many times we visited and found him dipping some crusty bread in beef dripping, the fat that drips off beef whilst it is roasting. Today I don’t think most people would be dunking bread in fat for dinner!

Storm the chest workout

Storm the chest workout Photo: Russell Bowes

But my great grandfather had always balanced what he ate with being active through his life. One thing I learned from him as well as from both my grandparents was to keep active. They were all pretty slim and healthy, even though they didn’t really follow any of the advice that we would today with food do’s and dont’s. They ate what they wanted and had dessert almost everyday. What I learned from them was not to keep still for too long and walk everyday. My grandfather walked miles a day as he had a part-time job as a dog walker when he retired. This along with walking his own dog certainly kept him fit! They didn’t let thing get in their way and were always determined to get out and enjoy the world.

My grandmother had a few healthy problems in her 80’s but she never let anything stop her going out just about each and everyday. One of the biggest problems she overcame was having a hip replacement in her mid-eighties. This did slow her down for a bit, but about 6 weeks after the surgery she was back on her feet and going out to the shops by herself again.

So who is my health hero, the person who keeps me healthy? Well in the end it is a bit of each of them, my grandfather, grandmother and great-grandfather. They all kept healthy through their life and still provide inspiration for me today. In the end they are all my ‘health hero’

Text and photos By Russell Bowes

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~This post is in no way sponsored by the mentioned party American Recall Centre.

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