Getting ready for the summer Breakfast Protein bars

No fuss protein bars.

Homemade protein bars

Homemade protein bars Photo: Russell Bowes

Well after a disastrous start to the spring for a big part of England, though luckily we missed it all in London, the weather has certainly turned and it looks like summer is on the way. We have had a few really warm day’s, the kind where I have to go out in the afternoon as out west-facing flat heats up and slowly roasts me. With a bit of sunshine coming on I’ve started thinking about getting in shape and losing a bit of tummy, ready for the approaching summer. With that in mind as well as lots of exercise, I have also started making homemade protein bars, perfect for breakfast or snacks on the go!

Every year I say to myself I’ll try and get that super perfect beach body and though I can’t complain too much there is always a lot more you can do to get fitter and get a flatter stomach, or at least I could if my desire to lose that last little bit wasn’t thwarted by my nemesis – cake! I usually start getting reasonably serious around April figuring that gives me 3 months to trim down before it’s time to go shirtless on the beach or topless in the park.

I don’t like Cardio, do I?

If you have followed me for a while you’ll know that I love exercising, lifting weights is not just a hobby, it’s something I really love to do, a place to really focus and be peaceful. But for years I have had a love/ hate relationship with cardio. Sometimes I can really get into it and start to enjoy running a lot. I prefer to get outdoors and do it as there isn’t much more boring in life than being stuck on a treadmill, literally running to stay in place. But there are times (probably too many of them) when I just can’t be that bothered by it. I always figure if I do the weights with enough intensity that it does the cardio too, does it work? Well I can leave running to quite a while and return to it to find I can still run 6-8k perfectly fine, if not quickly.

Homemade Protein bars

On the other hand I have a love/ love relationship with desserts, cakes and delish food so I guess I have to get myself out there and do some cardio now and then. With that in mind I’ve been trying to running and cycling in more and swap cakes for healthy protein bars and oat bars. The trouble with these is that;

  1. They don’t taste great
  2. They cost a small fortune, seriously £1.50 for a little tiny bar!

So I had a quick look around some of the Google plus communities I follow and found a really good looking recipe someone had shared (breakfast no-powder protein bars). I found them really easy to make and the instructions were easy to follow as well. As it is an American recipe I had to get what we in the UK call Oat bran, which I think is the same as Oat Meal, they both look almost powdery and it worked just fine. I used reduced fat crunchy peanut butter for this, 1. as there is enough fat between it and the coconut cream and 2. I like the crunch stuff, gives it a bit more texture.

You can follow the link to the recipe but here are some step-by-step pictures of me trying it out

Whip up the Coconut cream

Whip up the Coconut cream Photo: Russell Bowes

Add the honey

Add the honey Photo: Russell Bowes

Stir in the peanut butter

Stir in the peanut butter Photo: Russell Bowes

mix in the oats - almost done

mix in the oats – almost done Photo: Russell Bowes

Pack into a baking tin, pop on the fridge overnight

Pack into a baking tin, pop on the fridge overnight Photo: Russell Bowes




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