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Blog update

This week on Russell’s Kitchen Photo: Russell Bowes

It’s been a busy couple of weeks again with writing articles and guest posts, beavering away with work and even having a a bit of a social life thrown in too. All this means that I haven’t kept the blog as up-to-date as I’d like, but that’s life isn’t it! So as it’s Sunday afternoon, I’ve already hit the gym, been for a bit of a walk and stared at the mountain that is my inbox, I decided to give myself the afternoon off and give you an update on what I have been up to. Though I’ve been a bit too busy to write about what I’ve been cooking it hasn’t stopped me getting into the kitchen and cooking up a storm.

Getting out and about in London: Chiswick house

Chiswick House and Grounds

Chiswick house grounds Photo: Russell Bowes

So starting last with weekend and going from there. I said a few weeks ago that I have been trying to get myself out and about a bit more to explore London. Last weekend I decided to explore a bit of London very close to home – in fact just down the road from us. A little over a 45 minute walk is the beautiful Chiswick house and gardens. I’ve heard about them again and again over the past few years as friends and relatives have been but its always been one of those places I’ve said I should visit, before promptly forgetting. Well I had to write a blog post for HomeAway UK about a local attraction. I took this as the shove I needed and wandered down there. You can find out more about my visit to Chiswick House and Gardens on the HomeAway blog.

Chiswick house cafe Beef and Stout Stew with crusty bread Photo: Russell Bowes

Chiswick house cafe Beef and Stout Stew with crusty bread Photo: Russell Bowes

Sunday Roast with relatives

Butterflied leg of lamb

Butterflied leg of lamb, don’t worry – it’s in a dish! Photo: Russell Bowes

Last Sunday we had Hana’s parents round for a nice home cooked Sunday lunch. I cooked a gorgeous butterflied roast Lamb recipe from our Nigellissima cook book and pared it with gorgeous roast potatoes and sumptuous veggies. Whilst I was preparing and butterflying the lamb I thought it would be good to do an instructional post or even series of posts on basic butchery skills. I think most of us who cook rely on (and pay for) the butcher to do a lot of things which you can do yourself at home. I’m working on the post now so hopefully it should be up in the next week or so.

Big Mac

Homemade Big Mac recipe

My Homemade Big Mac, follow the McWorkout for the recipe Photo: Russell Bowes

A fellow blogger I have worked with for a while is running a really interesting series called the McWorkout. The basic premise is “can you eat nothing but Mcdonalds for a month and get fitter”. I like the idea behind this, that no matter if you can’t afford the best food, don’t have gourmet culinary skills or limited kitchen facilitates, you can still  get in shape. So what’s my connection? Well seeing all these burgers made me want one, and made me want to make a healthy version of the McDonalds classic, the Big Mac. How did I do? Read about my homemade healthy(ish) Mac where you can find my homemade Big Mac recipe

Treats for the one you love

Sausage traybake

Sausage traybake and Pavlova Photo: Russell Bowes

Hana has been really busy for the past few weeks (and months) so I decided to make her a nice treat meal of Sausages and mash with caramelised onions and Madeira and onion gravy. It would have been good if I remembered to take a photo of it. Luckily I did remember to take a picture of the Pavlova I made for pudding!

And I have to include this picture of this gorgeous Sausage, red onion and tomato traybake Hana made last week too. it had a wonderful maple glaze on the sausages, yum (and here’s the recipe)

Eating out, curry time in Kensington and pasta in Kings Langly

Curry in South Kensington

Curry in South Kensington Photo: Russell Bowes

Hurtling into this weekend, Friday evening saw us head up to Kings Langley in Hertfordshire for a friends birthday meal out. Again I’ll do a full review of the restaurant later but here are a a few pictures of the lovely Italian food we had, as well as the homemade chocolate cake a friend made for the evening.

Not full enough from Friday night we decided to have an afternoon out on Saturday and hopped on the tube down the road to South Kensington. I sometimes think people must think I either live in an uber trendy or very fancy part of London. Sadly I don’t (yet) but I love where we live anyway.

Fried Zucchini, Spaghetti Vongole, Chocolate cake, Puttanesca Photo: Russell Bowes

Fried Zucchini, Spaghetti Vongole, Chocolate cake, Puttanesca Photo: Russell Bowes

As we had gotten up a little late, Saturday morning is made for lounging in bed, we decided to have lunch out. After queuing at several restaurants close to the museums and tube we wandered just a few meters down the road and found a great Indian restaurant. I can’t remember the last time I went out for a proper Indian meal (Wetherspoons doesn’t count, does it?) so this was a real treat. If I can I’d like to do a proper review of this place too, but I’ll have to pop it in the queue and get around to it asap.

So that was the last week or so and it looks like there are a few posts for me to get cracking on in the next couple of weeks, and with that I’m off to have dinner!



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