Snappy post: Sausage Traybake

sausage tray bake

Sausage and new potato tray bake Photo: Russell Bowes

I love tray bakes, they are a really versatile way of cooking and are a great way to cook your whole meal in one go, less fuss and more importantly less washing up! One of my favourite varieties is the sausage tray bake. The humble sausage can get a bad rap. They are often seen as the cheaper lower and dare I say it less appetising alternative. We all remember those cheap frozen versions offered up as sausages and chips in the school canteen. Not good

So here is an alternative which elevates that humble sausage from a cheap meal to a wonderful and flavourfully brilliant mid-week meal.

I wanted to share the full recipe for this vibrant and tasty sausage tray bake, but we got the recipe from the May 2014 edition of the Morrisons magazine and one of us inadvertently threw it out, yikes. A trip to Morrisons to get another copy later and I came home empty handed to write this post. So we will have to do with a few pictures and a little bit of memory for this one.

As Hana baked this I had to guess at one or two things involved in this one but I know there were sausages (of course), new potatoes, some wonderful maple syrup and fresh thyme. As for the rest and the quantities we’re all in the dark on that one!

Lebanese chicken recipe

Lebanese chicken and garlic potatoes

So that was a quick post for today but with some nice pictures, yummy. And what did we have for dinner this evening? Well I had to make the wonderful Lebanese baked chicken which Hana recently reviewed. I took a few more pictures of it as well to share.

Lebanese chicken bake

A bit fancier and very pungent but it’s a good ‘tray bake’ Photo: Russell Bowes

See you soon with more yummy recipes.

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