Meatless Monday: Creamy spinach soup

Meatless Monday creamy spinach soup

Creamy spinach soup recipe

Wowza Meatless Monday came around quickly this week and this week I’ll be sharing a creamy spinach soup recipe! Well I guess Monday always comes around at the same pace but it took my by surprise this time. Maybe it’s because today is one of those fake Monday’s, you know the kind. You wake up early thinking you need to get up, get ready and start the day – till you find it’s a bank holiday and you can go back to sleep. I love those fake Monday’s. It might also be the whole working from home thing, it really throws out the meaning of days of the week when you set your own schedule, what’s a weekend to a freelancer? Really it just means that the shops are probably open a little longer!

T-bone steak

An awesome T-Bone Steak which will be coming up soon!

Why am I talking about Monday’s? It’s because I forgot to write this post till the last minute and my brain is having a bit of a fade. Also tonight I didn’t have a meatless Monday today, I actually had an awesome t-bone steak instead, see the awesome photo and carry on reading for the spinach soup recipe. 

As with so many of our recipes, this one was adapted from BBC Good Food, you can find the original recipe here. You can find the recipe in the original link and I pretty much followed it. I did make one change which was to replace the double cream which you serve it with and used some Greek yogurt instead, which I did as I’d had quite a bit of cake recently and fancied a healthier meal when I made this.

Meatless monday spinach soup

‘Souper’ quick to make – oh dear Russell

As you can see it was ‘souper’ fast to make. If you follow the recipe it makes quite a bit, more than enough for four people. I often find that a lot of recipes be it from a recipe book, website or TV show often seem to underestimate the amount people eat. But this one made more than an ample quantity. I loved the creaminess which came through in the finished soup, I think a lot of it came from the potatoes which would have given a bit of starch into the stock.

Well after a massive steak I’m feeling a little sleepy so it’s time to wrap this one up and see you soon!




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