South Kensington – Khans of Kensington

Curry in South Kensington

Curry in South Kensington Photo: Russell Bowes

I love a curry, a good curry that is. Not your average offering from a chain pub or one of those microwave meal things dripping in a sauce which is either limp and bland or overly spiced. I love a really good curry and a couple of weeks ago I was treated to just that when we visited Khan’s of Kensington and I had the first decent curry I have had in almost a year, probably because I haven’t been to a curry house in ages.

Arrive at South Kensington tube around lunch time at the weekend and you’ll be in an almost endless sea of families milling around between museum visits, looking for lunch. If you go to almost any of the restaurants by the station you’ll be queuing out the door, not because they are anything special (though there are some notable exceptions) but because they are so close by.

Wander just across the street to the corner of Harrington Road and a minutes walk away is Khan’s of Kensington. From the outside it may look quite ordinary, but take a look at the stickers on the door and you’ll see many stickers for reviews from trip advisor, Time Out and many more.

To the curry!

Curry at Khan's of Kensington

Chicken korma and balti plus nan bread

We started with some papadums and a selection of chutneys and pickles. My favourite was (as always) the lime pickle. Sometimes this can be a little too sharp but theirs was perfectly balanced.

On to ordering some food. The menu is quite extensive with a good selection of meat, fish and vegetarian options so most people should be able to find something. The staff were only too happy to help us with some friendly advice on what to choose and which are more or less spicy. Whatever your taste there is a dish for you here.

Murg Korma

Chicken Murg Korma

I opted for a milder dish, Murg Korma with chicken. Similar to Korma I have had before the perfectly cooked chicken was served in a sauce of nuts (almonds!) and cream flavoured with nuances of cinnamon and cardamom. It was a deliciously creamy and mild sauce where flavour won over shear heat. I’d recommend ordering this if you prefer a dish which is big on flavour but not on heat, it would be a great introductory curry for kids or someone trying one for the first time.

Murg Chicken Balti

Murg Chicken Balti

Hana went for a spicier dish, the Murg Balti with chicken. This came with a tomato based sauce with dried spices, onion and capsicum and a large nan bread. I tried a bit of this and would have been more than happy to have ordered it myself. I think I ended up eating a good portion of the nan bread mopping up the remainder of both our sauces. There were lovely big pieces of onion in the sauce which had been cooked to perfection, their harsher flavour cooked out into the sauce. The chicken in both dishes was tender, succulent and well cooked.

As Hana’s curry came with a nan bread and we had already loaded up on papadums we shared a portion of steamed basmati rice which was more than ample for the two of us.

As is tradition, you should have a nice beer, larger preferably with your curry and there are a few options,  but for the life of me I can’t remember which I had.

Khan’s is close to the main attractions in South Kensington at maybe a 10 minute walk from the Natural History Museum, Science Museum or the V&A Museum. Main courses are priced between 8.50 and 16.50 but you will need to order some rice (2.95 – 4.25) to accompany it. There are also several set menu options if you are looking for inspiration.

You can find more info on Khan’s of Kensington and a pdf of their menu on their website.


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  1. I do agree. Check out my simple chicken curry and salmon and tamarind curry – I have recently got into homemade naan/yoghurt breads and flatbreads and love to hear about a good curry so I can crack out my newfound breads. Thanks


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