Meatless Monday: Falafel and roasted vegetable pitta

Falafel wrap

Falafel wrap with avocado dip and salad

cupcakes for a new born baby

cupcakes for a new born baby

Before I get into today’s post on falafel and roasted vegetable pitta, I promise this isn’t becoming a vegetarian blog full of pious recipes, no cake and no fun. Though I have been posting a few meatless recipes the last few weeks it has just ended up that these were either what we cooked for dinner on that day, or was just a recipe post I had ready to go. In the world of blogging having a post already written and waiting to be published  is a wonderful thing which should be taken advantage of straight away! Anyway before we get to today’s meal I thought I’d also show you a sneaky preview of the lovely cupcakes which will be coming up very soon. We did some baking recently and made wonderful cupcakes for a friends new born baby. I they were really sweet. The ‘M’ is for his initial, they will be coming up soon. Now to the falafel.

This post is less of a recipe and more of a ‘how to’ guide to what I did. We visited Hana’s parents for the weekend and some how came home with a big bag of food, funny and very nice how that happens, always very much appreciated! In that big bag of bits we had a pack of falafels which we were going to need to use up quickly so this is what I did with them.

Falafel pitta’s for two:

falafel wrap

grill the peppers and falafels

I started by washing then slicing a red and green pepper and a red onion into chunky slices, popped them on a baking tray, dressed with olive oil and grilled for them 15 minutes.

Meanwhile I blitzed a second red onion with a ripe avocado and a clove of garlic till it made a chunky guacamole like dip.

After 15 minutes I took the vegetables out of the grill and popped the falafels on the same baking tray and grilled for 15 minutes (according to the pack). When cooked I took it all out the oven.

Not sue if it's a falafel or Grendel attacking but it is something!

Not sue if it’s a falafel or Grendel attacking a dinner plate, but it is something!

I warmed the pitta in a toaster, stuffed with mixed salad, a few roast peppers and onions two falafels a good dollop of the avocado dip and finally some Greek yogurt.  Done.

If I may say so it made a lovely dinner for a warm late spring evening.

What you’ll need for falafels for two

  • 4 pitta bread
  • 2 red onion
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • pack of falafel
  • Greek Yogurt


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