Midweek meals: Cod curry

A simple and really tasty cod curry recipe

Fish curry recipe

My mid-week fish curry

I don’t know why but it feels ages since I just sat down and wrote a good old recipe post, not one where I’m looking at suggestions for events and festivals or my favourite desserts, but just a simple post about something I whipped up in the kitchen. It also feels like I haven’t been cooking as much recently and maybe we have had a few more unhealthy meals lately – I guess we all fall off the wagon now and then. Well today I got my bum back in the kitchen and cooked up a lovely fish curry using fresh cod fillet, tomatoes and onions – the type of curry I really enjoy.

This fish curry recipe comes straight from Allrecipes.co.uk. It isn’t a site which I have used too much in the past to find recipes, though after looking around it I’m really not sure why I’ve often skipped over it? Well anyway Hana found this recipe and I followed it to make a wonderful mid-week dinner. The plus, it isn’t too bad for you either as it’s full of veggies and fish. Want to see the recipe? click below!

Cod curry recipe

Cod curry recipe

The finished dish will look something like this!

I thought instead of just rewriting out the cod curry recipe which you can find  on Allrecipes.co.uk (click here for the recipe page) I would instead take you through what I thought of it, how it worked when I cooked it and any changes I made to the original recipe. If you scan the linked recipe you’ll see it isn’t too hard to make, mostly it’s just adding ingredients to the frying pan which is simple enough.

My thoughts on the cod curry

My first point would be that it doesn’t need to take the 1 hour 10 minutes the sites says  it does (unless your waiting until the end of time for rice to boil). Realistically I’d say you can get this done  in 45 minutes, though if you let it cook for longer it will infuse the sauce more and leave you with a richer dish.

As ever when I make anything like this with fish, the cod just seemed to flak away into nothing by the time I served it up. I don’t know if it’s the quality of the cod I’m buying or the (possibly ham-handed) way I cook dishes like this but it always seems to disappear, even when I added it in as pretty large chunks.

Finally in my critique is that the recipe doesn’t say when to add the chopped fresh coriander. Now I know most of us will add it at the end by default but I still think a recipe should tell you how to use all the ingredients and at which stage to add them.

Fish curry: Step 1 Fish curry: Step 2Fish Curry: Step 3


What I did differently

This was a pretty good recipe and didn’t need anything changing with it, the alterations I made were more to do with what was in the cupboard than anything else.

Onions: The recipe includes one onion, which I chipped into larger slices than usual. As there were two shallots knocking around in the cupboard I decided to chop them up and throw them in too. I think they gave it a bit more sweetness which was nice.

Lemon juice: When I opened the fridge I found we didn’t have any lemons so I just left this out. I don’t think the curry lost too much through this.

Herbs and spices: One thing which was annoying was having run out of cardamom pods which do make a difference. The curry was still nice but it did miss them a bit.

So those were my thoughts on the fish curry we had for dinner. Over all I’d recommend giving it a try, it might take a little longer than you want for a week-night meal but somethings are worth putting in a little more time on



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