The Groom Blog: Let’s get Pinning!

Looking at suits for me and the Groomsmen.

Hipster Wedding Suit

Hipster Wedding Suit


It’s almost a couple of months since Hana and I got engaged and the time has really flown by. People say that time will fly by in the run up to something like this but I didn’t think it would go that quickly. So where are we two months in?

  • Booking the ceremony and reception: We’ve poured over the web looking at potential venues for the ceremony and reception and in the end decided to have the whole day in one place. Personally I really like that start to finish the whole day will be in one venue, but not everyone would choose it.
  • Guest list: We’re almost there on putting together a guest list for the ceremony, reception and evening party.
  • Best Man & Groomsmen: All chosen and ready to go.

Pinning my hopes on the right suit.

Wedding Party

You have to match the suit to the bride too!


And that last pint brings me to today’s theme. You’ve chosen the best man and groomsmen, what’s next? Well it’s time to think fashion my friends. Straight off the bat I have to say I’m not that fashion conscious. Usually I’ll choose clothes because they are something I like, a colour or a style, rather than what is in vogue that month or season.

So suits. Women might think us guys have it easy when it comes to choosing a wedding outfit, all we need is a suite right? Yes and no. Yes we need a suite but no, it isn’t just a quick and simple choice. Sure maybe 30 years ago you just went to an outfitters, took the first standard suit of the rack and bang, there you go. Today there are so many styles to choose from.

Groom and Groomsmen

Groom and Groomsmen


Do you want to got for a traditional morning suit with tails, waistcoat and top hat? Maybe you’d prefer trendier hipster-type suit. Perhaps understated is your style or maybe you’re loud and proud? Then you have to think about the cut, three button or two? Skinny, slim regular or classic fit? Think that’s enough to be going on with, there’s still the question of colour to boot!

With so much choice out there (not just for suits but for weddings in general)  I have added a couple of new boards to Pintrest. The first is on ‘weddings‘ and the second is on all things ‘groom‘. Over the next few weeks I’ll be pinning away with different suit ideas to see what’s out there.

It’s not something I have decided yet and it will probably take a lot more looking at websites and shops before I have anything like a final decision on this.

This post is part of my ‘Groom Blog’ series on getting engaged and starting to plan a wedding. See other posts in this series here.

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