The Groom Blog: Top 5 wedding foods for guys

Ditch the usual wedding foods like canopies and vol-au-vents for some proper man food

Man food - wedding style

Man food – wedding style


I’ve been engaged for a couple of months now, whoops I meant just over three – don’t let the bride hear! There’s been a lot of planning and preparation crammed into those intervening weeks and weekends, even more so as we’re getting ready to bring home a little Coton de Tulear dog called Zephyr in January – they’ll be more on him very soon.

Whilst there have been trips to wedding venues and looking through a seemingly endless parade of magazines, websites and wedding blogs (just like this one!), there’s one thing which I’m looking forward to planning the wedding menu!

These days the food you serve is definitely front and centre in the day’s celebrations. Street food has burst on to the wedding scene in 2014 and this year you were as likely to see a plethora of street food vendors serving up the kind of great food we have seen evolving in London’s markets over the last few years.

Watch out for pretty deserts such as macaroons which were still hot on the 2014 food scene as well as this years new kid on the block, marshmallows.

Below I have picked out some of my top tips from this year’s ‘must have’ wedding foods which are perfect if you’re the groom himself or thinking about the man in your life.

1. Mini burgers, small cones of fish and Chips or bite sized ice cream cones.

Wedding food mini burgers

Mini-Burgers, Gourmet style


The service is over and you have greeted the guests at the reception. The wedding breakfast is now a couple of hours away. You need to have something to eat and let’s face it, a tiny vol-au-vent isn’t going to fill you up right guys? Us gentlemen need something a little more filling so why not try these little treats.

Instead of making a very fancy snack let’s make them fun instead! I love mini-burgers – who doesn’t? Why not serve them as platters or tasting boards. Pick a few different types of sauce, burger and bun to make every bite a new experience.

Having a wedding by the seaside? Why not go for mini fish and chips cones. Make it even more fun by printing newspaper announcing your special day and serving them as mini cones.

If it’s a warm day cool your guests down with a mini ice cream cone complete with flake as you take them back to the best childhood treat.

2. Pulled Pork and Chicken.

Pulled Pork Slider

Pulled Pork Slider


It was one of my favorite food trends of the past few years but pulled pork is so 2013. Pulled chicken was this years pulled pork and the perfect way to soak up a day’s drink at the evening buffet. Just because KFC have jumped on the band wagon doesn’t mean you can’t still find a great street vendor ready to roasting up this gorgeous and sumptuous treat.

KFC are predicting 2015 will be the year of pulled chicken and I have to agree, it’s just a perfect way to end the evening. Serve in brioche buns with a good old glug of Southern Sauce.

“The family that eats together, stays together…”

3. Family style dining.

Tasty wedding tapas

Tasty wedding tapas


They say the family that eats together stays together. Build on that and go with one of my favourite ideas for a wedding breakfast, communal dining. Whilst a three course meal is traditional and can be an absolutely lovely affair, why not switch it up and serve several beautiful main dishes allowing your guests to try a bit of everything. Bonus, you can have all those fussy diet options (which inevitably come up) catered for in a few simple but fun dishes.

My tip would be to plan the food around your theme or even colour scheme. Try bright and colourful cuisine’s such as Indian or one which naturally lends itself to this kind of dining, Tapas or a delish Greek Meze.

4. A real wedding breakfast.

Eggs Benedict

Make it a real ‘wedding breakfast’ with Eggs Benedict


If it’s called the wedding breakfast as sit down to your first meal as a married couple. Why not make it an actual breakfast? I’m not suggesting giving everyone a fry up from the local greasy spoon – lets face it though that would be great! Think gourmet brunch foods like a really fancy cinnamon french toast as a starter or smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, bagels, scones and a full brunch menu!

Moving your wedding start time from the traditional midday kick off to an early morning start. Starting early means you can serve gods greatest invention – brunch -as well as saving a tidy packet on the reception venue as most places will be much cheaper in the morning.

5. Pick a Theme.

Wedding food for guys

Batman wedding


Theme weddings are becoming more and more popular. I don’t mean dressing up as Marvel superheroes or the recreating the Red Wedding (unless your other half will go along with it) – though toasting with flagons of ale does sound appealing!

Think more along the lines of a seasonal theme celebrating the time of year, a favourite holiday spot or that special cuisine you both like.

If you’re basing it on your favourite TV show, book or movie keep it a more subtle theme, no one want’s to be eating Klingon food at a sci-fi wedding!

I hope I’ve given you some food for thought and a bit of inspiration for your wedding day’s most important bit, the food. You can find more post in my Groom Blog series here.


Text and photos By Russell Bowes. Find me on Google Plus, catch up and message me on Twitter and see more great pictures on Flickr and Pintrest


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