Spicy Mexican Enchiladas

Tuck into a winter warmer

Spicy Vegetarian Enchiladas | Mexican

Spicy Vegetarian Enchiladas

Mexican food and especially enchiladas are a firm favourite in our flat. Hana is a big fan of Mexican food in general, it has to be one of her favourites. I love anything with a bit of spice and so many of their recipes have a good bit of indulgence, which I love. So it came as a bit of a surprise when I was looking back over the blog before writing this post to see I’ve only shared one other enchilada recipe and scarcely any Mexican recipes in the past few years.

I’ve posted the occasional recipe for a shrimp enchilada here, some nachos there and even a restaurant review. But for a cuisine we eat pretty often (I’m even about to tuck into left overs whilst writing this) it seems a shamefully sparse covering. I’ll immediately start rectifying that and share a recipe for the vegetarian (quorn mince) enchiladas I’m tucking into for lunch today.

Tomato and red pepper sauce

Tomato and chillie sauce

They were yesterdays dinner and as with many dishes like this, they make way more than you need for two people, especially when you double up the quantities like Hana did! The recipe comes from Cook Vegetarian, a vegetarian cooking magazine and website which Hana recently came across when looking for something tasty to cook up.

Mixing up the Enchiladas

Mixing up the Enchiladas

When the nights draw in and the temperature takes a turn for the cold it’s time to find a dinner filled with warming spices which can heat you up and keep the cold at bay. I think food’s like Mexican and Indian are perfect for this time of year. Food’s like these have some of the best winter flavours. Chilli and cumin take the stage in this recipe and it certainly feels like a dinner fit for the heart of winter.

Spicy Vegetarian Enchiladas, ready to top

Spicy Vegetarian Enchiladas, ready to top

You can find the recipe on Cook Vegetarian HERE. It is laid out in an easy to follow method. Hana changed it up a little. Before adding the other sauce ingredients she fried off the red onion, chillies and some garlic.

Ready for the oven

Ready for the oven

I loved this recipe. At first when I was helping Hana put together the enchiladas wondered how they’d turn out as there isn’t any sauce mix inside the enchiladas. I thought they may turn out a little dry with just the mince, onion and cheese inside.

I don’t mind saying I was wrong. The cheese melted through the mince and onions and left a beautifully moist interior.

Vegetarian Enchiladas

Vegetarian Enchiladas

Hana served the spicy vegetarian enchiladas with a pack of Uncle Ben’s Mexican rice, both yesterday and today.

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