Fit for Twenty Fifteen: Chicken Meatballs and Twice Baked Sweet Potato

Are you in shape for the summer yet?

A colourful 5 a day plate

Chicken and goat cheese meatballs with baked and stuffed sweet potato plus lots of veggies

With the summer five months or so away and the excesses of Christmas and New Year well and truly behind us, it’s time to start getting serious with your exercise and healthy eating plans. Pop out for a run, hit the gym and then get in the kitchen and cook some great healthy food. Here is a great recipe for chicken meatballs with twice baked sweet potato which makes 5-6 servings at once so you’ll have packed lunches and evening meals for several days straight away with one session of cooking.

I discovered this healthy recipe for chicken meatballs with a tomato sauce and twice baked sweet potato this week through that great vacuum of time , YouTube. I have been following various health and fitness channels for a couple of years now, getting work out tips and tricks for getting in better shape as well as techniques to improve lifts such as the squat or the deadlift. The one side of this I have almost completely neglected is looking up healthy cooking channels and ideas, or for that matter recipes and cookery channels in general! Bit odd for a food blogger. I spend time perusing various cookery books, blogs and TV shows but not YouTube, so why not?

Chicken meatballs, twice baked sweet potato and courgette noodles

Chicken meatballs, twice baked sweet potato and courgette noodles

Youtube is a great resource for finding info on just about any topic you can think of but for some reason till now I haven’t used it to discover new recipes. I came across this recipe through a channel I have recently subscribed to called Tastemade, where the chef who’s channel I eventually got the recipe from made a guest appearance. After watching an initial video I popped over to Kevin’s channel, FitMenCook, and found a lot of healthy and great looking recipes.

The first meal which stood out for me was this recipe for chicken meatballs served on a bed of courgette (zucchini for my American cousins) with marinara sauce served with a twice baked stuffed sweet potato topped with sauteed apple and chopped nuts. It all sounds really great, hearty and filling winter food – perfect for beating back a cold winters day. And best of all? It’s all pretty healthy too! As I looked out on a snow covered court yard Tuesday morning and I decided cooking this was the best way to keep the cold weather at bay.

As I said in the intro I made 5-6 servings by upping the quantity of ingredients a little. I have posted a link to the original recipe and also included the youtube video below so you can see how to prepare it yourself. After that I have shared what I did differently to make a couple of extra servings and how I made the sauce a little differently – don’t worry it is still pretty healthy!

Find the the full recipe on


Looks great doesn’t it! So here are the changes I made to this recipe.

Chicken meatballs and baked sweet potato

Chicken meatballs and baked sweet potato



650g minced chicken – upped from just over 500g
Chopped fresh garlic – altered from garlic paste

Marinaria Tomato Sauce

Passata – I think this is similar to the tomato sauce used?

Added – 1 cup finely chopped red onion
–  3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
– Salt and pepper to taste

Twice Baked Sweet Potato

I didn’t add a sweetener as I felt the sweet potato and the apple topping were sweet enough and may have been a little too much with added sweetness against the meatballs and sauce.

I didn’t have pecans in so I used walnuts instead, which I think worked well as a substitute. I also had a little left over goats cheese so crumbled this over the potatoes with the apple and chopped walnuts.

My thoughts…

All in all a great recipe and one I would make again. I’d be happy to serve this up at a dinner party. Whilst I was a little skeptical about the raw courgette noodles I really liked them and I think we’ll be picking up a spiralizer asap to start making them instead of pasta now and then.

Prep you lunch for the next few days

Batch cooking at its finest!

What are your favourite healthy recipes?

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