One Canada Square – London’s Most Decadent Pancake

Restaurant Review of One Canada Square, Canary Wharf

London's Most Decadent Pancake

London’s Most Decadent – One Canada Square

You can read my full review, including what I had for starters, main and dessert on London Unattached.

Shrove Tuesday is almost upon us and whilst the culinary minded will be getting ready to get in the kitchen and whip up some pancakes some of us will be looking for an excuse to venture out and try something a bit more decadent than some lemon and sugar. Yesterday it was my pleasure to sample the wonderfully, creative, beautifully presented and divinely tasting pancakes which will be served up at One Canada Square, the ETM group’s Canary Wharf venue on Tuesday.

I navigated my way through the glass towers of Canary Wharf, feeling like it was an acropolis with temples to finance set atop it. Set in One Canada Square (the Canary Wharf tower to you and me) this is a high class venue in spectacular surroundings. The restaurant may look surprisingly small when walking through the towers enormous foye and I would describe it as surprisingly intimate, given it’s location. You feel closed off, separated from the hustle and bustle outside. I am something of a fan of ETM group pubs – as you may have gathered from my review of the Ealing Park Tavern. Whilst each is unique and really inhabits it’s surroundings they serve up some of the best food you can find in the capital, and at a reasonable price too.

London Pancake Shrove Tuesday

Devonshire crab and brown shrimp, buttered samphire, roast lobster-vanilla sauce

Something else I am a big fan of is the humble pancake, or crepe to those from across the channel. I love the sheer number of combinations of flavour, ingredients and creativity that can be derived from such as simple and basic starting point. Each of the ETM group pubs will be serving a different selection of three pancakes crafter by their chef’s on Shrove Tuesday. At One Canada Square your choices will be as follows:

One Canada Square, Canary Wharf

Smoked salmon, dill and spiced avocado, pickled fennel, caviar, truffle dressing, £11

Devonshire crab and brown shrimp, buttered samphire, roast lobster-vanilla sauce, £12

Hot ricotta pancakes, rhubarb and custard ice cream, £6.50

We sampled the two savoury pancakes, which I will get to very soon. The prices may look a little high, it is just a pancake isn’t it? Not really when you see them and try them!

London’s most decadent pancake

Shrove Tuesday, London

The most beautiful pancake in London

This is what I was here for. I ordered the Smoked salmon, dill and spiced avocado pancake which is served with pickled fennel, caviar & truffle dressing – £11. I wasn’t sure what to expect, all I can say is that it didn’t disappoint!

Served sliced in little rounds and topped with the dressing and just a little caviar over each,they looked as good and beautiful as they tasted. I was blown away by how the subtle combination of flavours played out on my palate. I loved how the dill is worked into the pancake batter, that each little serving has a bit of creamy avocado in it’s heart. Caviar might seem an extravagance, on a pancake and even a little too ‘fishy’ with the salmon too? Trust me when I say it works to create a very special dish.

My fellow diners pancake looked just as beautiful and tasted equally brilliant. The Devonshire crab pancake with brown shrimp, buttered samphire, roast lobster-vanilla sauce – £12 was decadent. It was a far richer and had deeper levels of flavour. That’s not to say I preferred it, just that it was different. I you prefer a lighter dish choose the Salmon and something more substantial? The Crab.

One Canada Square
Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AB 020 7559 5199

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