Afternoon Tea at The Covent Garden Hotel

A Birthday Afternoon Tea Treat

Covent Garden Hotel

Covent Garden Hotel

Photo: Duncan

A good while ago now, back in February, it was Hana’s birthday and I had to think about one very important question. What to get Hana for her birthday? Buying your fiancee a birthday present/ gift/ treat isn’t as easy as you might think it is. Really, it isn’t.

These days people often already have just about everything they want. Want some new clothes? You’ve probably bought them, a new bit of jewelry? You probably bought one of those as well as well. So, these days presents probably aren’t the answer. Okay, what is then?

Well Hana and I often like getting ‘experiences’ instead. Going out and doing something instead of buying something which will end up in the cupboard in the end.

So, it is an experience then. I think just about the best experience gift you can have, the best present you can do is a nice massage and afternoon tea.

With that as the plan we headed over to Covent Garden in central London for a fabulous afternoon out.

First stop: Relaxing Massages

Spa Accents

Spa Accents

Photo: Karl Cossio

Our first stop was a good hours relaxing and theraputic massage with Relax Massage in Covent Garden. They offer quite a few different packages for full body or chair massages and just about every different kind of massage you can think of The 60 minute massages we had were reasonably priced, you can find the full price list on their site.

I went for the intensive muscle release massage as I have had a bad knee the past couple of months, a case of my eyes being bigger than my quads when I was trying to squat a little too much in the gym. The massage really did manage to release a lot of the tension which was in the knee.

A Gentlemen’s Afternoon Tea

Ready for a traditional afternoon tea

Ready for a traditional afternoon tea

After that superbly relaxing experience it was on to gorge ourselves on beautiful food at Brasserie Max. The second part of Hana’s present was afternoon tea at the Covent Garden hotel.

The usual thing you get with afternoon tea would be some fancy and nice sandwiches, scones with cream and jam and a selection of pretty (and yummy) little cakes. That’s the norm and it is usually dam good.

This time, whilst Hana decided to go down the traditional route, with a nice glass of prosecco, I however decided to try something a little different. Brasserie Max (the brasserie at the Covent Garden Hotel) serves up what it calls a “Gentlemen’s Afternoon Tea”. We lose the sandwiches, scones and cakes and this was what I had.

A Proper Gentlemen's Afternoon Tea

A Proper Gentlemen’s Afternoon Tea

There were fish goujons with french fries and tartar sauce, crayfish and crab cocktail, Covent Garden club sandwich, steak sandwich, a brilliant scotch egg and just a wee bit of cake.

I love the concept of a Gentlemen’s afternoon. A great savoury platter of different flavours going on. It feels like real man food, bloke food, heck you can even have it served with a pint of ale. How great is that!

Brasserie Max is located in the Covent Garden hotel and serves a variety of dishes with different menus for afternoon tea, brunch and an A La Carte menu.

Covent Garden Hotel

10 Monmouth Street




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