A proper foodie post

It’s been a while since I have written a proper foodie blog post where I share a recipe or talk about some great food which I’ve recently eaten. So I thought it was high time that I got back to the kitchen and restaurant and cooked & ordered up a plethora of lovely dishes.

I haven’t managed to note down any of the recipes which I have cooked since we got back from honeymoon but I have remembered to take a few photos here and there when we had a meal which I thought looked great or tasted fantastic.

So instead of sharing a specific recipe (which I didn’t write down) or reviewing a restaurant, I decided to put together a ‘highlights’ photo post of what we’ve eaten over the last couple of months at home and out in restaurants.

Aeronaut, Acton

Sunday Lunch at the Aeronout Acton - Copy

Sunday Lunch at the Aeronout Acton

We start with this fantastic Sunday roast feast from one of our local pubs, the Aeronaut in Acton, West London. As you can see we went for the whole roast chicken but other options include a leg of lamb which serves 4 people. Our chicken came with sweet potato mash, roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings, greens, stuffing a bulb or roast garlic, along with a luxuriantly thick gravy. It’s designed to serve three and we took quite a bit home in a doggy bag for that evening.

Wilmington, Clerkenwell

Wilmington, Clerkenwell

Wilmington, Clerkenwell

Earlier this year we celebrated the start of spring with Noilly Pratt over at Cafe Pistou on Exmouth Market in East London. We went back this November to see the food market. Unfortunately that day there wasn’t a market on. Luckily enough Exmouth Market is a street almost literally full of restaurants, cafe’s and pubs.

We decided to go to the Wilmington, pub for a gorgeous lunch. I had the roasted winter vegetable gratin served with pumpkin, hazelnuts and herb oil. Delish. We also ordered a nice portion of greens on the side too.

A first birthday cake

First birthday cake

First birthday cake

Back at the end of November it our friends daughters first birthday. There was a lot of nice food and a big bouncy playground for the kids to crawl about in. There was also the lovely cake above, baked and decorated by a very proud Mum and Godmother.

Fishy tales


This was a lovely meal which Hana cooked. See, it’s not always me beavering away in the kitchen. It had a lot of lovely flavours and if I remembered the recipe I would share it with you. What I can say it it was another gorgeous meal lovingly prepared by my beautiful wife.

Chicken curry

Chicken leg curry

Chicken leg curry

Next up we have a spicy, warming and rich curry. Usually I’d say this is just what you want on a cold December’s evening. Unfortunately we’ve had an extremely mild December where I’ve even been able to wear shorts and a tshirt. In winter. Still, any excuse for a great dish like this with a massive chicken leg in is always taken.

Risotto with walnut pesto

Risotto with walnut pesto

Risotto with walnut pesto

This was loosely based on the kind of food we had back in Rapallo on our honeymoon. There were a lot of risotto dishes and many recipes had walnuts and lots of herbs in them. So this dish encapsulated a lot of the tastes of Liguria. This was a simple risotto recipe which is then topped with a walnut pesto.

Between us we have cooked up a lot more things over the last couple of months, including a really lovely roast chicken which Hana made for us. I’ll be back to sharing great recipes in the new year along with a few more posts from our lovely honeymoon.

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