Restaurant Review: Heliot Steak House

From start to finish, presentation to flavour, every part of the meal at Heliot Steak House was simply perfect.

Heliot Steak House Review

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I’m starting to look like a bit of a gambler. In my last two reviews I’ve been out to the cinema to see X-Men with BGO Games and to Heliot Steak House at London’s Hippodrome Casino. Not normally being much a gambler or having visited any of London’s casino’s before, this was my first trip to the Hippodrome Casino on London’s Leicester Square. Not having eaten in a casino restaurant before i wasn’t sure what to expect, though I did hope for a bit of good old glitz and glamour. The Hippodrome Casino and Heliot Steak House exceeded my expectations.

heliot test3-small

The Hippodrome sits on the corner of Leicester Square and in a previous incarnation was designed as a theatre and music hall. Over the years it saw performers such as Charlie Chaplin and Judie Garland grace its stage. Though refurbished a few years back, the casino still has more than a few nods to the building’s theatrical past.


The ceiling is decorated with large hanging lights and chandeliers, the bars and lounges feel like part way between the theater and the magic of Las Vegas. There is still a theatre as well and venues where you can watch theatre, burlesque and live comedy.


Heliot Steak House sits on what would have been the circle and upper circle seats of the theatre and over looks the casino floor below. It makes for some great people watching as you can see all manor of people gambling and milling around the casino tables. The restaurant has a feel of old fashioned swank and a veneer of sophistication, I quite liked how it is arranged over a couple of levels and the decor was very much in keeping. You could be forgiven for thinking you were in a classic mob movie. In short I loved it.

Onion Soup with gruyere croute

Onion Soup with gruyere croute

On to the food itself. From start to finish, presentation to flavour, every part of the meal was simply perfect. We both started with the Onion Soup topped with a gruyere croute. This was perfect. The bowl was full of deeply, gorgeously brown caramelised onions. The soup itself was a rich dark colour and was just as good as when I last had it back in Annecy last year. The crouton and cheese topping were perfectly grilled and complemented the soup brilliantly. My friend has their without the gruyere (due to being lactose intolerant). Even without this it was still a very satisfying and flavorful bowl of food.

Heliot steak house London

Fillet Steak with red wine sauce

Next we came to what we were here to eat, steak. To accompany this we ordered a glass of deep and rich Malbec each to go with our steaks. We both went for the fillet steak and were simply blown away by the quality of the meat. I’ve been to some of London’s best steakhouses, such as Black & Blue over on Borough Market and this was easily as good, if not dare I say a little better. Compared to other steak restaurants Heliot is very reasonably priced, though still expensive enough to not be an everyday place and be just that bit special.

Heliot steak house london

Heliot: Blue fillet steak with peper crust

We both ordered a medium fillet steak (250g 8oz) priced at just £22. I ordered mine blue and with a green pepper crust whilst my friend ordered theirs plain and medium rare. For sauces we the truffle and red wine sauces. My steak was perfectly cooked, blue to perfection and still very much red in the middle. My friend’s was a little underdone but nothing to complain about.

Heliot steak house side dishes

Heliot steak house side dishes

The fillets themselves were simply delicious. The quality of meat is almost second to none in London and I really can’t emphasise both how good the quality of meat, preparation, cooking and presentation which went into them. If I had been wearing a hat I’d have taken it off to the chef that night! Alongside it we ordered sweet potato fries, baby roast potatoes with coriander and green beans.

Heliot steak house sauces

Heliot steak house sauces

Feeling suitably stuffed we still managed to find some room for dessert. My dessert was spectacular indeed. Whilst my dinner mate ordered a simple sorbet I went for something a bit more spectacular with a Baked Alaska and raspberry coulis. Part of me has always marvelled at a dish which has frozen ice cream encased in crisp baked meringue. The meringue was perfectly baked with a crisp exterior with golden flecks of crispness. Inside the vanilla ice cream was gorgeously flavoured. With a river of raspberry coulis it was the perfect way to end a fantastic meal.

Baked Alaska

It’s crisp. It’s cool. It’s Baked Alaska

I hadn’t know what to expect from Heliot Steak House but it exceeded any expectations I could have had for the restaurant. You might be a bit skeptical about a restaurant inside a casino but you really needn’t be. I would love to return to Heliot and try out some of the other steaks on the menu as well as, as many other dishes as I could manage! Heliot Steak House will give you one of the best steakhouse experiences in the capital and for a very reasonable price too!

Heliot Steakhouse
Hippodrome Casino
Cranbourn Street,
Leicester Square,

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