Paris Galeries Lafayette At Christmas

Photo: Galeries Lafayette, Paris by Simeon87

A real treat from our trip to Paris is November 2016 was getting to see the city as it prepaired for Christmas. Seeing the lovely Christmas lights and to visit the beautiful Christmas Market along the Champs-Elysee. I’m a big fan of the traditional Christmas Market, and love the German ones in particular (though I understand if a lot of people are staying away this year).

The Christmas Market which runs along both sides of the ‘bottom’ part of the Avenue Champs-Elysee is gorgeous and impressively massive!  Running down both sides of Paris’s grandest boulevard are magical wooden chalets where you can find lovely little gifts and arts & crafts Christmas decorations nestled in amongst stalls selling all kinds of festive treats from hot wine to breads, sausage, candied nuts and lots of hot chocolate & sweets. You can buy gifts for the family as well as find ingredients to make your own festive feast at home.

As well as seeing the Christmas Market we saw the magnificent animated window scenes at some of Paris most famous department stores, such as Galeries Lafayette. I thought these animated displays were so gorgeous that I just had to capture them on video and share them with you here!

Galeries Lafayette Christmas Window’s

I love these animations and the little animals which are trying to ‘get’ the gifts in each one!

They have created beautiful ‘rooms’ where our intrepid little animals have to try and find different gifts from the Galeries Lafayette store.

Each window shows a different scene and I loved each and every one of them.

In the end our little friends manage to get their gifts and have a wonderful Christmas of their own.

I had to share these videos and I hope you like them! Seeing Paris at Christmas is a real treat and if you ever get to see the city at this time of year, it is magical and well worth the trip.

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