The Groom blog

An Intimate Moment

An Intimate Moment


As many of you will know Hana and I got engaged on a trip to Paris in August 2014. Since then we have been back in the UK and started planning our wedding. I love writing about all sorts of things which I why this blog has gradually evolved to include travel and updates on what I’m up to, not just recipes.

In this spirit I thought I’d start a new section on the Russell’s Kitchen blog where I share tips, ideas and updates on everything from getting engaged, to choosing a ring, planning a wedding and hopefully getting married and having a kick ass honeymoon at the end of it. Every couple of weeks (or there about’s) I’ll publish a new post on a different aspect of this whole engagement thing and give you an update on where we are with plans.

As I’m new to all this I also thought it would be great to ask you for feedback and ideas on wedding planning too. Got tips on centre pieces, table planning, menu’s, decorations or outfits, just pop them in a comment as I’d love to hear them all.

The first post in this series is a recipe for a gorgeous Cheesecake cake. Don’t forget to check back as I’ll be adding future posts here.

Cutting the Cheesecake Cake

Cutting the Cheesecake Cake


Hipster Wedding Suit

choose your suit


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