A taste of the real Paris

A taste of the real Paris

Paris travel

A taste of the real Paris

I’ve visited Paris a few times over the years, from school trips and family days out as a teenager to getting engaged to Hana there back in 2014 to stopping off for lunch as we passed through on the way to our Italian Honeymoon. This time we were in Paris for a few romantic days at the end of our latest trip to France where we took in Lyon (staying with Hana’s cousin), a day trip to the beautiful Alpine city of Grenoble and of course Paris. Beautiful, gorgeous Paris.

Hotel George, Paris

I love the snacks at the open bar

Having been to Paris together before and not being convinced that I had shown Hana the best parts of Paris last time we were there, I wanted to make sure we saw some of the real Paris this time. The version of Paris which you picture in your mind when someone says thing to typically Parisian streets and shops, perhaps a little away from the iconic tourist location such as Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower and Boulevard Haussmann or the Champs Elysee. This time was got to see some of that real Paris.  We were taken to some great places to eat with Hana’s cousin who lives in Paris, visited new Arrondissements, such as the 3rd, 4th and 15th and even stopped off for a massage just outside the beautiful Marais area.

Map of Paris

Just some of the parts of Paris I love.

Here are some shots I took from our trip to Paris as we explored a new part of a city I will forever be in love with.

Paris, romantic and beautiful

Two years ago in the summer of 2014 I took Hana to Paris for a long weekend. We went to meet some of her family who live in France and also, though Hana didn’t know when we went, to get engaged on the banks of the Canal St Martin on the edge of Paris city centre.

Hotel George Astotel, Paris.

Hana at Hotel George Astotel, Paris.

Back then we stayed in a pretty boutique hotel, Hotel George Astotel in South Pigalle, between Pigalle proper and the Opera district.

Hotel George Astotel, Paris

Champagne from Hotel George Astotel, Paris.

To welcome us back as we celebrated (a belated) first wedding anniversary, the hotel staff were kind enough to organise a lovely room for us with a balcony and a bottle of Champagne to celebrate our anniversary.

hotel george paris

The staff and management at Hotel George were really wonderful and helped us to have a fab stay in Paris.

As an anniversary gift to Hana I booked us both in for a relaxing couples massage at the Salon Massage Concept, Paris in the 1st Arrondissement where you can also find the Louvre and Palais Royale. Massage concept is ranked at one of the best massages in Paris according to TripAdvisor and I can see why. The massages were really relaxing and just what you need towards the end of a holiday.

Wandering around Paris

Wandering around Paris

Walking around Paris is a treat in itself. There are so many pretty streets, avenues and grand boulevards to walk down that you could spend most of your trip simply exploring these different streets. Each area has unique streets to wander and drink in.

Le Marais, Paris

Le Marais, Paris

There’s the quaint Marais area in the 3rd & 4th arrondissements.

And the beautiful Christmas window displays in Galleries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann.

Centre Georges Pompidou

Centre Georges Pompidou

Around the Pompidou centre you can get some great shots.

Centre Georges Pompidou

A romantic side of Paris

And check out these views looking out from the museum over Paris. Can you see Le Defence in the distance?

Centre Georges Pompidou

Paris skyline from the Centre Georges Pompidou

Paris is a beautiful, romantic and unique city to visit and if you’re lucky enough to live in or close to London, it’s just a couple of hours by Eurostar. I’ll be looking at a guide to Le Marais, Paris in my next blog post.

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